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Banquest & Departure Reminders

Staff bid their farewells at their very own banquet last night. Memories were shared, gammon were sung, and honors were mentioned; with a special menu prepared for them by our kitchen staff. After packing up, campers and staff enjoyed the grand banquet this Afternoon with a special shnitzel lunch. All honors were mentioned including Mizhnayos […]

Last Day In Camp!

The last Shabbos of the summer was spectacular! Lots of singing, farbrenging, mishnayos bal peh, seder Niggunim and more. Motzei Shabbos, every section in camp was treated to a special late night. Section A, had a pizza late night while the others enjoyed bon fires around camp. All Championship campers are taking place today, both […]

Return From Grand Trips!

After a day full of rides, roller coasters and lots of fun with their staff and friends; campers headed to the La Ronde parking lot, for a delicious pizza dinner – including fries, drinks and chocolate doughnuts. The drive back to camp was enjoyed by all, as they headed directly to a well-deserved night’s sleep. […]

Grand Sing & Grand Trip

Grand sing was full of Chayos, entertainment and toichen! The decorated shul – was shaking with excitement! Snacks and drinks were served throughout as campers enjoyed the Niggunim, comedy, speeches, and tons of spirit! Color war ended following Mariv, as campers headed to their bunks, waiting to hear the winner tomorrow. Section C is having […]

Color War & Section C Grand Trip & Online Tipping

Two suspenseful, meaningful, color-war-plays were enjoyed by all sections of camp last night. Campers are busy adding points to their teams, with mishnayos bal peh, davening, benching, races and all the rest. Anticipation is building, as preparations are in full swing, for what promises to be an incredible grand- sing, this evening iyh. A special […]

Visiting Day & Section C Event & Color War

After an incredible Shabbos Nachamu, Section C was shocked at the lavish event arranged for them by their staff. The room was exquisitely set up, with colored doughnuts and drinks for each camp, along with an unlimited amount of colorful candies, ice cream, and waffles. They enjoyed the great program and kid friendly menu! On […]

Section C Trip & Visiting Day Schedule

Six Flags La Ronde Amusement park was enjoyed by section C all day! Under a cool, sunny sky, the boys loved the amazing new rides and roller coasters the park had to offer. Following a marvelous day, they were treated to a restaurant dinner in the Cavendish mall food court. The campers returned late last […]

Bunk War & Sending Letters/Packages To Camp

As the buses were pulling in after overnights, campers unpacked showered and rested after an incredible overnight and trip. While they were settling in, section C was occupied in building, painting, costume making, song and speech writing, in preparation for their very own grand sing. Campers of all three teams of “Adoneinu”, “Moreinu” and “Rabbeinu” […]

Section C Bunk War & Overnights / Trips

While Section C was heavily involved in an intense Bunk War; including great songs, plays and all the rest; the rest of camp emptied out! It started off with the section B leaving camp before lunch for their trip to paint ball shooting. After lunch, the rest of camp met them at the overnight site, […]

Concert & Section C bunk War & Staff Steak Barbecue

The shul was roaring with excitement – as all departments of camp; Sections A, B, B+, C and Masmidim enjoyed the lively concert performed by Baruch S. Blesofsky along with Musician Fitche benshimon. The lights, the action, the dancing and the singing, were a site to see! CGI Thanks the two talented performers for taking […]