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An amazing summer coming to an end!

Following a heartfelt staff banquet last night, the day has arrived!  The emotions and excitement are in the air! The last day of camp! Finalizing sports leagues, kluger (learning) championships, getting in line for the prize store, canteen refunds, and starting to pack- are some of the things we are busy with today. Once the […]

Last shabbos of camp!

The traditional ceremony of color war winner announcements – did not disappoint our campers. The excitement was enjoyed by both teams as generals and judges were dancing in the lake! The last Shabbos of camp was extremely special, with lots of singing, farbrenging mishnayos bal peh, seder nigunim and of course shmaryonke.   Motze Shabbos […]

La Ronde Grand trip

Buses were loaded with excited campers heading to Montreal’s six flags La Ronde amusement park. The campers enjoyed the rides till closing time and met outside the park for Mincha and delicious pizza and muffins before heading back to camp. Our hardworking staff were once again treated to a late-night appreciation event. A lavish barbecue […]

Color war ends & Grand trip!

Color war has come to an end! After an extremely lively, funny, and “toichendike” grand sing, campers were treated to an early revile this morning. After a special Rosh Chodesh davening and breakfast the buses were loaded – heading towards Montreal to enjoy the grand trip of the session! In the meantime, section C has […]

Color War & Section C grand trip

Color war is here! Both the red and blue teams are enjoying the intense competition expressed through songs, spirit, mishnayos bal peh, plays and of course hysterical scavengers. Last night campers enjoyed the “toichen” and entertainment expressed in both plays, portraying the theme of the teams אב אחד and  גוף אחד. Early this morning, Section […]

Sports & In house E

Shabbos Mevorchim Elul- a very special Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s camp. Thanks to a generous sponsor, special Danishes were enjoyed by all that partook in the Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim! Sunday turned out to be a great day for activities, with lots of sports and water activity! Bunks were rewarded with tubing rides while others […]

Erev Shabbos Mevorchim Elul

After a bit of a rainy day many bunks were treated to special late nights last night, following night activity! Always a great treat! Section C returned late last night after their outing to the most amazing clip n climb, followed by a special pizza dinner in the Cavendish Mall. This morning, our hard-working staff […]

Bunk War Ends & Trips

IF YOU SENT A PACKAGE TO “CAMP GAN YISROEL YEHUDAH LEIB SECTION C” – please email the office at [email protected] as we are having a hard time finding the recipient for this package. Section C enjoyed an incredible Chayal war. All three plays were performed and prepared by the campers-quite an accomplishment. They were also […]

Chayal War & Sports

Section C is heavily involved in their “Chayal (bunk) war”! The bochurim were divided into three teams, “Chossid”, “Yirei Shomayim” and “Lamdon”- depicting the three directives to strive for. The themes are being expressed through speeches, songs and plays; with the climax at the grand sing taking place tonight! Grade 5 had an amazing trip […]

Chof Av & Concert

Chof Av was celebrated as befitting the auspicious day that it was. A rally was held in front of our very own 770- with Torah, Tefilla and Tzedakah performed by all!  The spirit was amazing! After an early dinner of breaded chicken, couscous and cole- slaw, campers headed to the shul. The shul was beautifully […]