BOG WAR is here. Following the break out by lunch, campers hurried to the shul for the division of the teams. With an enthusiastic staff, the spirit was incredible, as the generals and others were ushered into the shul! Campers were divided into the three teams of “Yisroel” “Oiraysa” and “Kudsha Brich Hu”. The three long lines chanting the pesukim at line up, three long tables in the dining room, and three sections in shul, seem to be a really close race. One play was performed last night with the other two to be presented this evening. Certainly an exciting war going on here in camp.

In the meantime the masmidim took a brief break to enjoy a go karting trip and some local shopping.

Section C has been taking turns disappearing from camp in the early morning hours for an enjoyable runaway. Yesterday Kevutzahs gimmel and Yud and today Kevutzahs Ches and Alef- were out early – to the La-Belle picnic area. Kevutzah Daled had their time out by boat – across the lake enjoying breakfast and tubing!

Mazel tov to our two bochurim celebrating their Hanochas tefillin here in camp today. Mazel tov to Yankel Lieberman from West Hempstead NY, and Dovid Okonov from Buffalo NY. Mazel tov to both families!