Although campers seemed to think they “knew it the whole time”, the excitement and surprise is felt in the air. Everyone was lined up in white shirts anticipating a special visitor to camp, when they were greeted by BOGWAR! Campers excitedly headed to  the shul for the division of teams and presentation of generals.

Following the theme of Dirah B’tachtonim, the age old debate of “do ordinary days serve special days or do special days serve the ordinary” will be addressed.

Team of Sheish Shonim – Headed By: General Mendy Hirsch, LT Sholom Francis, LT Shmuli Cunin, Captain Levi Ladaiov – Focuses on the Dira Betachtonim, bringing purpose into the ordinary and mundane.

Team of Shemita – Headed By: General Shloimy Slavin, LT Kasriel Trourig, LT Yossi Hirsch, Captain Levi Feldman – Will argue that this cannot be done without having the time to focus, and reconnect with Hashem. We need that break – be it in Davening or learning – to remind ourselves of our mission and reset everything based on the larger picture.

Team of Hakhel – Headed by General Mendel Mahatuf, LT Mendel Deitsch, LT Mendel Minkowitz, Captain Dovid Deitsch – Will focus on using the individual strengths and talents of each particular person for one goal creating a sense of unity and wholesomeness.

We wish all three teams tons of Hatzlacha and looking forward to an exciting, entertaining, and educational bog war iyh.