Bog War is here! The two day peaceful war has brought out the best spirit in each campers and staff member. The davenings, line ups, songs and benching are being heard way beyond our grounds. Member of all three teams, Eidus, Chukim and Mishpatim, have been enjoying the scavengers, songs, races and IYH today grand plays of all three teams.

Calling time is on as usual; however if you miss the call from your son, please understand he may have felt too busy to get to the phone. No camper is forced to call during calling day, but they are offered the opportunity.

Mazel Tov to Shneur Zalman Gerlitzky and Mendy Brod for their Hanochas Tefillin celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Lots of Chassidish Nachas to both families!

Section C, had a very special event last night, royally prepared for them by their devoted staff. The outdoor “Shishkabab” event was enjoyed by all!

Masmidim took a well-deserved brief break out of camp, on a great trip to rope course- S. Sauveur!