IF YOU SENT A PACKAGE TO “CAMP GAN YISROEL YEHUDAH LEIB SECTION C” – please email the office at [email protected] as we are having a hard time finding the recipient for this package.

Section C enjoyed an incredible Chayal war. All three plays were performed and prepared by the campers-quite an accomplishment. They were also busy with Mishnayos bal peh for their teams as well as songs and overall chayus!  Last night- a grand, grand sing took place in the section C zal. Of course, all campers and staff were dressed in costumes! The chayus and toichen were amazing. Campers had a bit of a late night, wondering just who won the war!

In the meantime, grades 4 and 6 had their trips yesterday to the amazing Clip N” Climb. All grades thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of climbing and scheming in this amazing Place!  Grade 4 left earlier in the day and returned for camp’s supper of meatballs, spaghetti, green beans, salad and cantaloupe; while grade 6 had a picnic dinner before returning to camp!

Section C was given a well-deserved late revile today in preparation for an amazing trip today!