After an amazing Shabbos filled with chayus, mishnayos bal peh, niggunim and farbrengens- we are excited to share that Bog was is here!

“Shleimas war”- as it is being called- has the staff and campers divided into three teams- with themes that are most appropriate for our times.

שלימת העם
שלימת התורה
שלימת הארץ

Mazel Tov to  Sholom Yarmush from Kingston, Pennsylvania,  upon his Hanochas Tefillin – celebrated here in camp with his family and friends.

Following the excitement of their trips, campers and staff from all departments gathered in the air-conditioned shul for the concert of the year, featuring the talented Yossi Rodal. The electrifying performance had everyone singing along to a variety of songs, including niggunim and other favorites.

After the concert, Rabbi Mordechai Wenger led a meaningful farbrengen with the staff in honor of Yud Beis Tammuz, infusing the evening with inspiration and joy. We extend our gratitude to Rabbi Wenger for joining us and making Yud Beis Tammuz so special.

Mazel tov to Avraham Antopolsky, from Atlanta Georgia upon his Hanochos Tefillin celebrated here in camp with family and friends.

Looking forward to an amazing Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s Camp.

Good Shabbos


Every camper had the opportunity to enjoy a trip with his section!

Our youngest campers in Section A (Grade 4) kicked off the excitement with a visit to the breathtaking Mont Tremblant resort, where they enjoyed the world-famous Luge ride, zooming down the mountain multiple times!

Section B (Grade 5) and Section B+ (Grade 6) followed suit with their own separate days of paintball shooting, filled with action and fun!

Section C (Grade 7) headed out early today – for an intense rope course excursion.

All campers enjoyed a picnic lunch of salami sandwiches with lots of snacks!

CGI Wishes a big mazel tov to campers who celebrated their Hanochas Tefillin here in camp with family and friends.

Mazel tov to Shneur Hayward from Montreal, and Mendel Gopin from Farmington, Connecticut. Lots of Nachas to both families!

We were treated to a lakefront in house entertainment- with lots of spirit, camp flags waving and spirit soaring. This time the entertainer displayed several incredible stunts using fire. Campers and staff of all ages enjoyed the risk involved as well – performed in a most entertaining manner.

When all was still, and campers were comfortably asleep, our hardworking staff was treated to a sushi event just for them- coming from the world renowned  Yakimono! Sitting together, farbrenging and enjoying- was just what the staff needed to rejuvenate and feel the appreciation involved!

We are pleased to share the names of the Talmid Hashavua for each class- during the second week of camp.

Enjoy the Nachas!

Class Alef: Sholom Ceitlin

Class Beis: Yisroel Bukiet

Class Gimmel: Shmuel Vishedsky

Class Daled: Chaim Meir Olidort

Class Hey: Refael Poltorak

Class Vov: Levi Marozow

Class Zayin: Kasriel Hyman

Class Ches: Shaya Perlow

Class Tes: Eliyahu Rivkin

Class Yud: Ari Mizrachi

Class Yud Alef: Mendel Levertov

Class Yud Beis: Yehoshua Wolosow

Class Yud Gimmel: Nati Ashkenazi

Class Yud Daled: Yossi Rosenblat

Class Tes Vov: Chiam Krispine

Class Tes Zayin: Mendel Bryski

Class Yud Zayin: Hillel Ciment

Class Yud Ches:  Yehoshua Korf

Class Yud Tes: Shlomo Bush

Class Chof: Moshe Blau

Class Chof Alef: Levi Cunin

Class Chof Beis: Zalman Lipskier

Class Chof Gimmel: Levi Groner

Class Chof Daled: Sruli Lisbon

Class Chof Hey: Aryeh Steinmetz

Class Chof Vov: Alter Majeski


Section C  

Alef               Mendel Gopin

Beis               Moshe Lavner

Gimmel         Mendel Kahanov

Daled             Yisroel Meilech Sandhaus

Hey                 Dovber Backman

Vov                 Meir Mockin

Zayin              Moshe Hildeshaim

Ches              Zevi Adler

Tes                  Levi Sasson

Yud                 Shmuel Mockin

Yud Alef         Yossi Fuss

Yud Beis        Meir Nussbaum


Following an action-packed day of sports, all departments enjoyed a thrilling late-night treat! Section A (Grade 4) indulged in a special ice cream Pajama party, with a festive atmosphere. The room was transformed with dimmed lights and flashing decorations, making it a truly special experience.

Meanwhile, Section B (Grade 5) enjoyed a savory skewer event, featuring hot dogs, veggies, fries, and all the trimmings.

Grade 6 was treated to a scenic lakeside dinner, carefully prepared by their dedicated staff.

We extend our warm Mazel tov to the Yadger family on Shmuel’s Hanochas Tefillin, celebrated here in camp yesterday with family and friends. It was a joyous occasion for all!

Section C were treated to an incredible sushi night- the bochurim entered the beautifully decorated dining room and enjoyed creating their very own sushi! A great time was enjoyed by all.

Shabbos was great! The dining rooms roared with Chayos throughout Shabbos – and farbrengens and mishnayos bal peh added greatly to the success of the Shabbos.  Seder Niggunim and all davening were exceptionally beautiful – taking advantage of the new AC system in the main shul!

Mazel tov to Shmuel Yadger from NY upon his Hanochas Tefillin celebrated here in camp with his friends and family.

Preparations are underway for the Mivtzah event for grade 6! Details to follow!

Online tipping is now up and running. Please view email sent to all parents for more details. Much appreciated!

Grade trips continued with grade 4 – section A – heading to Laval Quebec for bowling and laser tag. Campers had an absolute blast and returned to camp ready to join everyone in the dining room for a delicious dinner of fries and shawarma – complete with all the trimmings.

And the fun continues, with grade 7 heading out today.

Meanwhile, our sports fields and lakefront are buzzing with activities as campers enthusiastically participate in sports leagues and endless water activities. The energy is electric, and we’re loving every moment of it!

Gimmel Tammuz – celebrated in a most meaningful day. It all started off with campers being prepared to write a “Pan” followed by the writing of the “Pan” All were brought to the Rebbe’s Ohel on the day.

Section C had the privilege of hearing an inspiring talk by Rabbi Shimon Rivkin, tailored specifically for them. This was followed by a powerful rally for the entire camp in front of 770, where Rabbi Rivkin’s words resonated deeply with all present. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rabbi Rivkin for his invaluable contribution to our Gimmel Tammuz celebrations.

Mazel tov to Chezzy Brod from Crown Heights upon his Bar Mitzvah, Moshe E. Rivkin from Crown Heights upon his Hanochas Tefillin, and Yossi Konikov from Engelwood, NJ upon his Bar Mitzvah- all celebrated here in camp with family and friends.

Grade trips continued to thrill our campers, with Grade 6 spending most of Monday enjoying Clip n Climb activities in Laval and Brossard, Quebec.

On this special day of Gimmel Tammuz, we are honored to welcome Rabbi Shimon Rivkin, who has joined us to inspire and motivate our campers. The staff were deeply inspired by his farbrengen throughout the night, and we look forward to a special rally later today, where the campers will have the opportunity to be uplifted by his words.

Last night, a gorel (lottery) was held to select the fortunate individuals who will represent our entire camp at the Ohel today. The staff celebrated this special occasion with joyful dancing. Please join us in congratulating our shluchim to the Rebbe on this auspicious day: Motty Baron, Mendel Steinberg, and Gershon Jacobson!

We are also delighted to announce the תלמיד השבוע list for the first week of camp:
Lots of Nachas!

Section C:

1. Nochem Benyominson
2. Asher Sossonko
3. Yisroel Rosenberg
4. Mendel Perman
5. Yosef Landa
6. Binyomin Gavin
7. Dovid Rosenbloom
8. Shneur Schanowitz
9. Ari Goldman
10. Yosef Lipskier
11. Yanki Majeski
12. Dov Parshan

Regular camp: (grades 4, 5, 6)

  1. Levi Fischer
  2. Menachem Silberstrom
  3. Mendel Borenstein
  4. Shmuel Meir Silberstein
  5. Yehuda Adler
  6. Tzvi Itkin
  7. Levi Okunov
  8. Menachem Okonov
  9. Shmuel Lebovic
  10. Nosson Deitsch
  11. Sholom Raskin
  12. Menachem Wilschanski
  13. Nosson Marosow
  14. Zalman Alevsky
  15. Yaakov Lipskier
  16. Sholom Sheinberger
  17. Nochum Simpson
  18. Menashe Naparstek
  19. Mendel Marcus
  20. Yisroel Heber
  21. Yisroel Heber
  22. Moshe Golowinski
  23. Aryeh Farkash
  24. Yehoshua Kaplan
  25. Sholom Shain
  26. Chaim Blokh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Stay tuned for more updates from our special day!”

“The grade trips have begun! Section B, comprising our Grade 5 campers, kicked off the adventures with a thrilling visit to “Clip-N-Climb-Laval”. The excitement was palpable as they returned with beaming smiles, eager to share their experiences with their fellow campers. Meanwhile, our animal-loving campers are delighted to welcome our newest additions – adorable goats and sheep!

Today, Grade 6 (section B+) embarks on their own special trip, while the rest of the camp enjoys a fantastic day of sports under the sunny sky.

Last night, our dedicated staff were treated to the first ‘Staffe’ of the season – a well-deserved burger event that was both enjoyable and delicious! It was a great opportunity for our hardworking team to relax and unwind together, and we’re grateful for all that they do to make our camp season so special.

As the day comes to a close, we prepare for a meaningful and memorable Gimmel Tammuz celebration, starting tonight!”