The excitement in camp has been nonstop. Starting yesterday and continuing into today, campers are experiencing the three activities that have been set up in camp. Between the Archery, Lazer tag and Bazooka it has been nonstop fun! Teams were divided by classes this time, (verses bunks,) and supervised by the learning teachers. All three activities were thoroughly enjoyed by campers of all ages!

Last night many campers enjoyed special “events” which were creatively prepared for them by their staff. Section B+ made their own pizza, which was then enjoyed with fries and drinks. Section C made their pizza from scratch – including the dough, and had amazing results. A great time was enjoyed by all.

Early this morning, the bunks that were treated to a runaway were bunks Tes (across the lake) and bunks Yud ches and Yud Tes (in La Minerve). They returned to camp – ready to join the rest of camp for cleanup and learning classes.

The staff play fever is in the air! Campers can feel the excitement as the staff are hard at work, building props, preparing costumes and practicing acts! The kickball field is being transformed into a multi- stage-arena. Looking forward to our annual staff play later tonight iy”h.