Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to buy travel medical insurance for my son to spend the summer in Canada?

Please contact your medical insurance company and ask if your son is covered out of the country in emergency. Most companies will cover that.  In the event of an emergency C”V, medical bills will be forwarded to the parents, to collect form the insurance company. Otherwise, you can purchase travel insurance on your own or through the camp for $30 per session. To order the camp travel insurance please email and ask for your son to be added to the list.

My son’s birthday is during camp. I want it to be special! How are birthdays celebrated in camp?

Mazel Tov! The Homemade bakery delivers to camp 3 times a week. Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. You can contact the bakery at 514-270-5567, and place an order for the cake of your choice. Be sure to give them the date of delivery and your son’s full name and bunk number to write on the box. Birthdays are announced in the dining room and the cake is then enjoyed by the bunk with a birthday celebration.

Hanochas Teffilin & Bar Mitzvahs

Please see our PDF below for more information and to schedule.

Do I get to send emails to my son during camp?

At the end of the first day of each session, parents will be receiving  a bunk list including the bunk number-by email.   Using your son’s bunk number, you can email your son through our site. We do our best to distribute all emails once a day. Please limit your emails to a maximum of 4 emails a week per camper.

How much money does the camp suggest I send for canteen, and how is the money deposited?

Campers can order canteen one item a day. The suggested amount of money is $30-$40 per session. You can send a US or Canadian check or cash with your son to camp and have him give to his counselor. The money is deposited into his account, and the daily spending will be deducted accordingly. If you prefer to send the money ahead of time you can send it to the city office. During the summer you can always add to his account by sending payment to the camp city address.

What is the suggested amount for tipping? How can I best send the tip to the staff if I am not visiting?

Tips can be sent to the city address, with checks addressed to each staff member separately. We will distribute the tips accordingly. If a parent is coming for visiting day, it is best to distribute the tip directly while expressing appreciation to the staff members involved. Tip suggestions, are per session.

Waiter $25, Learning teacher $25, Counselor $35, Single counselor $35

My son would need some tutoring to help prepare him for his Bar Mitzvah, or keep up with his school work. Can that be arranged in camp?

The learning director will work with you to find the right Bochur to hire as your son’s tutor. To make arrangements, please call camp on the second day of the session and leave a message for the learning director. Please note: tutoring will not be during learning classes, but rather during an activity or night activity, or on Shabbos; and will be for campers celebrating their Bar Mitzvahs within one month after camp. We strongly recommend that you don’t rely on camp time for Bar Mitzvah learning. The boys are very busy in camp. Please have your son ready before sending him off to camp to avoid last minute stress.

How does laundry work, how often is laundry done?

Our in house Laundromat is run by a wonderful full time staff, with machines large enough to clean a full bunk’s laundry at once. The laundry is done once a week; your son will need enough changes to last 8 days. The laundry is sorted by colored and white and taken to the Laundromat. It is returned to the bunk the next day, clean and folded. It is of utmost importance that every item sent to camp is labeled. Clothing that are not properly labeled cannot be divided.

How often do campers call home?

Every bunk will have a calling activity twice a month. Due to many trips, runaways, and changes in schedule; the calling days will change bi-weekly. Campers will be encouraged to call their parents’ cell phones, from our long distance lines. No calling cards or toll free numbers are needed.  Please understand, they will not be forced to call but will be encouraged. There will be no calling activities during the first week of each session, to help give campers a chance to adjust. CGI appreciates the cooperation of all parents with the calling policy. Please do not call our office requesting an exception.