Gimmel Tammuz – celebrated in a most meaningful day. It all started off with campers being prepared to write a “Pan” followed by the writing of the “Pan” All were brought to the Rebbe’s Ohel on the day.

Section C had the privilege of hearing an inspiring talk by Rabbi Shimon Rivkin, tailored specifically for them. This was followed by a powerful rally for the entire camp in front of 770, where Rabbi Rivkin’s words resonated deeply with all present. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rabbi Rivkin for his invaluable contribution to our Gimmel Tammuz celebrations.

Mazel tov to Chezzy Brod from Crown Heights upon his Bar Mitzvah, Moshe E. Rivkin from Crown Heights upon his Hanochas Tefillin, and Yossi Konikov from Engelwood, NJ upon his Bar Mitzvah- all celebrated here in camp with family and friends.