Our day started out late as campers enjoyed some much-needed sleep after the late return from the water park trip. Everyone was very excited about the amazing trip they had just experienced and lots of discussion continued throughout the day.

Following a day of sports and fun, grade 6 campers were treated to a special “Mivtzah-Event” as a reward for special hachlotas the boys kept. The staff outdid themselves with an amazing program, lots of spirit, and a great Bagget/shnitzel/fries/onion rings and more. Campers were served by the staff as they walked through the beautifully displayed buffet. A great program was prepared and  enjoyed by all!

Not far away, in the beautiful shul, section C was enjoying a special sushi making evening. The shul was hard to recognize with the amazing décor and spirit.  This event was well deserved as it was a reward for keeping up with lots of hachlotas as saying Rambam, Chitas etc. These exciting positive incentives go a long way! Thanks to the amazing staff for going above and beyond!