“The grade trips have begun! Section B, comprising our Grade 5 campers, kicked off the adventures with a thrilling visit to “Clip-N-Climb-Laval”. The excitement was palpable as they returned with beaming smiles, eager to share their experiences with their fellow campers. Meanwhile, our animal-loving campers are delighted to welcome our newest additions – adorable goats and sheep!

Today, Grade 6 (section B+) embarks on their own special trip, while the rest of the camp enjoys a fantastic day of sports under the sunny sky.

Last night, our dedicated staff were treated to the first ‘Staffe’ of the season – a well-deserved burger event that was both enjoyable and delicious! It was a great opportunity for our hardworking team to relax and unwind together, and we’re grateful for all that they do to make our camp season so special.

As the day comes to a close, we prepare for a meaningful and memorable Gimmel Tammuz celebration, starting tonight!”