Grade 4 campers had an amazing trip, starting off with a pizza lunch in the Cavendish mall food court, followed by jet boating in the Lachine rapids in Montreal. Grade 5 spent a long day in Ottawa with several stops along the way including, the Parliament, The Mint, Trampoline Park and a night light show. Following a picnic dinner they headed back to camp, after an incredible action packed day! Section C enjoyed a newly discovered “white water rafting” location. The rapids were fast moving and the campers had a ball!

In the meantime grade 6 enjoyed the camp grounds to themselves with special actives just for them, including extra sports! Last night, they were treated to a special Ice-cream-bar-event, set up and displayed beautifully for them by their hard work staff.

This morning grade 6 is heading out on their very special grade trip.

Have a great day!