Campers returned from the overnight – showered – and headed to davening and breakfast. The weather could not have been better for a perfect day of sports and lake activities.

Following breakfast, section C headed out for their exciting excursion. The indoor obstacle course with tons of climbing and balancing while attached to a secure harness throughout the course, was quite challenging for all. Cavendish mall food court was their dinner location, where they enjoyed a fleishig supper of hot dogs, burgers, and fries.

Friday morning, ALL CAMPERS woke up early to come to cocoa club for some warm, delicious, cocoa and early morning learning. Nachas to all!

Grade 6 – better known as section B+ are being treated to a special mivtzah-event breakfast this morning, as a reward for their extra hachlotos kept throughout the session. Their staff are hard at work preparing a lavish, beautifully displayed, buffet breakfast.

Preparations are underway for a special shabbos- shabbos Nachamu.

Looking forward to greeting all our guests on visiting day, this  Sunday August 14, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm iyh.

Good Shabbos