The last Shabbos of first session was very special, as camp songs were sung and we sadly began bidding farewell to our departing campers.  The hardworking winners of Shabbos competition are off to go karting today, bunks Yud Alef, Chof Alef and Chof gimmel.

Early this morning, a sea-plane landed at our docks. All campers in the winning bunks of bunk competition and learning-class competition were rewarded with an invigorating flight over our grounds, lake and the surrounding areas! Our lucky bunk competition winners were bunks Daled, Yud and Yud Tes. Learning class competition winners were: Rabbi Cohen’s class, Rabbi Haim’s class, and Rabi Ezaqui’s class. In section C, Kevutzh yud won the ride for clean-up-competition, and for Kluger competition Rabbi Avi Cunin’s learning class.

Early this morning bunk Yud Daled were treated to a runaway boat ride across the lake, with breakfast and tubing. 

Today, Sunday, we are busy with kluger and league finals; both are quite exciting and tough competitions.

If your son is coming home at the end of first session, please notice your email reminder, for his return details at the end of the session.