Section C had an amazing first trip of the season to “Tresscape Rope Course”. Everyone gave it his best, climbing and balancing along the extreme obstacle courses.  Campers were treated to fresh chocolate danishes before boarding the buses to return to camp and join everyone for a delicious meatball/spaghetti dinner here in camp!

Thursday night, the staff were inspired by a Farbrengen with Rabbi Folly Dubov from Manchester England.  Thank you Rabbi Dubov for making the trip up to CGI!

A beautiful shabbos was enjoyed by all sections in camp, as hachanos are underway for Chof Av. Every camp is now well aware of the special day approaching and making the appropriate hachlotas.

Motzei Shabbos, section B+ (grade 6) and section C (grade 7) had sports draft in their respective shuls. The rooms were transferred into professional sports arenas as each section was treated to a grand setting for intense leagues, including, refreshments, backdrops and lots of spirit.

Monday, calling days will begin for second session,  with each section given time to call home during activities.  With the addition of more phones this summer, the calling line should not be too long iy”h.  Calls will be coming from an “845” number iyh.


Campers settled beautifully in their new bunks and learning classes. Second session took off at full speed with a great day of sports, learning class and a great night activity following a delicious hot dog and French fry dinner.

Today Section C are already off on a trip!

All bunk and class lists will be sent out by email today iyh. Once the bunk number is received, feel free to email your son through our site, using the bunk number.

Mazel Tov to Mendy Kreisman upon his Hanochas Tefillin celebrated in camp today. Lots of Nachas to the family.

Both sections of camp enjoyed a heartfelt banquet. Awards were given, camp songs sung, and great supper served; as we bid farewell to our departing campers.

Buses are pulling out this morning as we await the new campers, to begin another amazing session here in the Rebbe’s camp.

Buses to Crown Heights left a few minutes early and keep hitting traffic. The updated ETA is scheduled to arrive at 2:00 pm.

Upstate bus is scheduled to arrive to Monticello at 12:00 pm iyh.

The new bunk and class lists will be sent to all parents by email tomorrow iyh.

All buses arrived safely bh! Crown Heights, Upstate and Montreal .

After a long bus ride, campers had an absolute blast in six flags amusement / water park. Everyone is being treated to a late start this morning after a late return to camp.

We sadly prepare to say good-bye to our first month campers, leaving tomorrow. After packing, leagues and Kluger finals, we look forward to a mini banquet this evening.

Mazel tov to Menachem Blesofsky from Iowa City – celebrating his Hanochas Tefillin in camp this morning with parents and friends. Lots of nachas to the entire family.

The fast ended with a fresh doughnut, lazagna, bagels cream cheese, tuna, orange juice and more. Today after Chatzos, the entire camp is off on a very special trip! The excitement is in the air! Here at CGI we really wanted to squeeze in a special trip before sending our first month campers home, after the nine days were over! Looking forward to a very special today iyh. Will keep you posted.

Mazel tov to Mendel Landa From Crown Heights, upon his bar mitzvah, and Yisroel Pinson from Edmonton Alberta, on his Hanochas Tefllin – celebrated today with friends and parents. Lots of Nachas to both families.