All our campers and staff are now safely back home – along with amazing memories, and experiences to share. We are grateful to the Rebbe, our amazing head staff and staff for giving our campers a summer of growth “B’gashmius U’vruchnius”. Wishing everyone a “Kesivah Vechasima Tovah” with tons of Nachas from our precious campers.

Banquet day! A bittersweet day for all. Packing was done, trucks were loaded, and campers are heading towards the grand banquet – proudly wearing the new CGI shirt. With the wish that camp would continue for another week, they are enjoying the lavish, festive banquet meal. After the ceremony and presentation of best campers, bunk, learning class, kluger winners and the rest, the Montreal and Toronto buses will be loaded followed by the NY bus later this evening.

A summer to remember!

Transportation updates will be sent by email, when arrival times are significantly different than indicated on the emails sent out.

After a great Shabbos Mevorchim Elul, Motzei Shabbos was greeted with lots of late nights and parties.

Today, Sunday, championship games are taking place for both sports and Kluger.  All campers are either in the game or audience, cheering them on. In addition, campers are cashing in all their camp currency for prizes.

Preparations are underway for the grand-staff-banquet tonight! The chefs are hard at work – working on a very festive menu.

Transportation reminders:
Montreal bus arrives to Westbury and Plamondon – Monday August 22 / 9:00 pm

NY bus arrives to President and Kingston- Tuesday August 23 / 8:00 am

Updates will be sent by email when necessary.

The shul was fully decorated, as the costumed campers lined up to enter the grand sing of summer 2022. The themes were C-teen and Sobota, and the costumes and shul followed accordingly.  Meaningful songs, comedy and tremendous Chayus were shared by both teams. It was a grand sing that will go down in history for its Chayus, Achdus and Toichen !

Section C ended their amazing two-day trip with a picnic- Shawarma-dinner in the La Belle rest area. After having an action packed schedule of Laser tag at Darkzone, Axe Throwing, Kart-O-mania go karting, Breakfast on a cruise, Jet boating,  and ice skating; along with special meals and treats throughout, the entire section C returned on a high! It was a trip to remember bh!

Preparations are underway for the last shabbos of the summer Shabbos Mevorchim Elul!

Color war 5782 – better known as “Milchemes Chof” began on Chof Av. The opportune theme is being well brought out through songs, theme speeches and entertaining plays. The teams of Mesiras Nefesh and Limmud Hachasidus – both express the greatness of Reb Leivik. The play expressing mesiras nefesh for Yiddishkeit, kept within  a family for generations- from the Spanish inquisition to America today, really brought the theme home. From morning to night, campers are enjoying every moment of color war – awaiting the highlight taking place tonight-the grand sing.

In the meantime, section C is on the road enjoying their two-day grand trip. The nonstop excitement includes breakfast on a cruise, ice skating, jet boating, overnight hotel stay and much more. No  detail was left undone, down to the last Danish and fresh doughnuts. The staff and campers are having an absolute blast!