And the action continues. After a smashing color war the grand sing was a huge success.

All campers and staff was proudly outfitted in the costume of his team. Team Are’nu were farmers, and team Pla’os were Arabs. The huge gym was bursting with energy, spirit, songs and niggunim.

Early this morning the buses were loaded for the grand trip to six flags. Section C will iyh meet the rest of camp, as they are in the middle of their two-day trip. Lunch was served upon arrival at the park and campers are anxious to enjoy the thrilling rides. The local Pizza shop will be delivering pizza and fries for another specail supper after Mincha iyh.


The last in house-E ventriloquist entertainer was enjoyed by all, as we all tried to figure out “just how did he say that?”

Color war plays, “mishnayos-bal-peh”, scavengers, great songs, are what your son has been busy with! The action-packed week has taken campers from one excitement to the next. As we prepare for an incredible grand scene tonight, section C has packed out of camp early this morning for their grand-two-day trip.

As we finalise our return buses, please be sure to email our office if your return transportation plans have changed since the last email exchange.


Section C had an amazing bunk war. Last night’s memorable grand sing was lively, exciting, and full of toichen!

Our hardworking staff were treated to a well-deserved break – with a lavish brunch at the local “Sauce and Cheese” restaurant! They were welcomed warmly with an abundance of food and great fun!

Color war is here! The names of the teams are “Ploas” and “Arenu” with Menachem Wagner and Elchonon Perlstein as generals! Camp is buzzing with excitement as campers are enjoying the new songs, plays, and comedy throughout the day!

Please notice the emails you are receiving regarding return transportation for Monday August 16. Please be sure to respond to the email if you plans have changed. As a reminder: Crown Heights bus arrives at 1 pm to the corner of President & Kingston; and the upstate bus will arrive at noon to the Mountain Mall Plaza in Monticello.

Shabbos Mevorchim Elul was celebrated as would be appropriate for the special month. Tehillim was highly encouraged. All campers were treated to a fresh doughnut, and section C was once again indulged with a a special breakfast buffet following a packed house of tehillim.

After Shabbos, section C bunk war broke out with the help of Rabbi Nechemia Deitsch, the visiting Shliach.  Section C is heavily involved in their own war. Campers are preparing songs, plays, skits and more. The hidden talents are quickly being recognized by every camper involved.

As many campers made Hachlotas for Chof Av, quite a few included “saying Chitas”. A sponsor came through with plenty of Chayeinus to help implement this Hachlato.

After a lively Shabbos, the race was fierce for Shabbos competition. The winters are bunks Yud Alef, Daled and Chof. Yud Alef and Daled went bowling today, and chof will be rewarded shortly iyh.

Overnight 2021! A memorable event. The setting: a nearby farm with open fields and lots of friendly animals, under a clear – star filled sky!

After setting up the tents and sleeping bags, enjoying barbecued hotdogs in fresh buns, campers sat around the enormous fire, inspired by the stories and songs they shared. The warmth continued late into the night- as campers drifted to sleep in their designated sleeping locations.

Everyone was bused back to camp early this morning, for a quick cereal & milk breakfast and off for some well-deserved sleep. Revile was postponed – followed by davening breakfast and a day full of sports, activity and lots of fun.

Looking forward to a very special Shabbos Mevorchim Ellul here in the Rebbe’s camp.

Have a great Shabbos.