Following a heartfelt staff banquet last night, the day has arrived!  The emotions and excitement are in the air! The last day of camp! Finalizing sports leagues, kluger (learning) championships, getting in line for the prize store, canteen refunds, and starting to pack- are some of the things we are busy with today.

Once the packing is done, campers will head to the shul for the first part of the banquet, followed by a festive, catered, Schnitzel meal prepared by our amazing chef-Menachem Hayes and his staff.

Bus arrival reminders:

Montreal bus – Yeshiva, 6405 Westbury 8:00 pm Monday August 21, 2023

NY buses: Corner President & Kingston 8:00 am Tuesday August 22, 2023

Airport buses: Tuesday August 22, 2023

Please see reminder emails you received, for details.

The traditional ceremony of color war winner announcements – did not disappoint our campers. The excitement was enjoyed by both teams as generals and judges were dancing in the lake!

The last Shabbos of camp was extremely special, with lots of singing, farbrenging mishnayos bal peh, seder nigunim and of course shmaryonke.


Motze Shabbos each department enjoyed a special event, prepared for them by their very devoted staff. The late night was followed by a delayed revile this morning.


Mazel Tov to Shalom Ber Shor from NMB Florida, upon his Hanochas Tefillin- celebrated here in camp with his family and friends.


Preparations are under way for the banquet ceremonies- starting with the staff banquet later tonight and full camp banquet on Monday afternoon.

Buses were loaded with excited campers heading to Montreal’s six flags La Ronde amusement park. The campers enjoyed the rides till closing time and met outside the park for Mincha and delicious pizza and muffins before heading back to camp.

Our hardworking staff were once again treated to a late-night appreciation event. A lavish barbecue was enjoyed by all!

All departments of camp were treated to a late revile this morning, after a few invigorating, exhausting and exciting days! Campers are anxiously waiting for the lake- front-ceremony-color-war-winner-announcement, later this afternoon.

Plans are underway for a very special Shabbos-sadly the last Shabbos of this most amazing summer!

Gut Chodesh and Good Shabbos

Color war has come to an end! After an extremely lively, funny, and “toichendike” grand sing, campers were treated to an early revile this morning.

After a special Rosh Chodesh davening and breakfast the buses were loaded – heading towards Montreal to enjoy the grand trip of the session!

In the meantime, section C has been enjoying their two-day grand trip in Montreal. They enjoyed ice skating, bowling, special meals, hotel accommodations, and lots more. Section C will be meeting the rest of camp at six flags La Ronde!

Color war is here! Both the red and blue teams are enjoying the intense competition expressed through songs, spirit, mishnayos bal peh, plays and of course hysterical scavengers.

Last night campers enjoyed the “toichen” and entertainment expressed in both plays, portraying the theme of the teams אב אחד and  גוף אחד.

Early this morning, Section C headed out on their grand two-day trip in lovely Montreal city – with many stops along the way- details to follow.

Campers are enjoying the last day of color way today, culminating with the grand sing tonight.