After a long bus ride, campers had an absolute blast in six flags amusement / water park. Everyone is being treated to a late start this morning after a late return to camp.

We sadly prepare to say good-bye to our first month campers, leaving tomorrow. After packing, leagues and Kluger finals, we look forward to a mini banquet this evening.

Mazel tov to Menachem Blesofsky from Iowa City – celebrating his Hanochas Tefillin in camp this morning with parents and friends. Lots of nachas to the entire family.

The fast ended with a fresh doughnut, lazagna, bagels cream cheese, tuna, orange juice and more. Today after Chatzos, the entire camp is off on a very special trip! The excitement is in the air! Here at CGI we really wanted to squeeze in a special trip before sending our first month campers home, after the nine days were over! Looking forward to a very special today iyh. Will keep you posted.

Mazel tov to Mendel Landa From Crown Heights, upon his bar mitzvah, and Yisroel Pinson from Edmonton Alberta, on his Hanochas Tefllin – celebrated today with friends and parents. Lots of Nachas to both families.

Another amazing Shabbos BH! The Shabbos Seudos were lively and full of exciting stories and songs. The new bog war songs were learned and shared, as well as many other niggunim and camp songs, as many campers were enjoying their last shabbos in CGI 2021.

Rabbi Yossi Paltiel joined CGI for shabbos and farbrenged with the staff all afternoon. Shalash Seudos featured a special pre fast menu of shnitzel, deli roll, salami, salad, baguettes and ice cream. Campers then headed to the shul for shmaryonki, Kamtza-Bar Kamtza and of course Eicha. Today campers will enjoy a special once a summer camper/staff sports game.

Section C had a voluntary Q&A period with Rabbi Paltiel. Most of the bochurim chose to join and soaked in the knowledge that was shared.

Looking forward to when this day will no longer be a fast! Have an easy fast!

CGI was home to many inflatable activities yesterday; including water slides, jumping castles and more. Under a beautiful sunny sky, each section of camp alternated to enjoy the cool, invigorating activity.

Our staff continue to go above and beyond – giving the campers a most amazing summer bh. Last night they were treated to an evening of appreciation with a special pizza/pasta event. Sitting together in unity and fun- a great time was enjoyed by all.

This morning our grade 6 campers – better-known at section B+ – enjoyed a lavish seaside breakfast, displayed beautify in front of the lake. The boys were treated to smoothies, omelets, pastries and more, all prepared for them by their very own staff.

The section C bochurim have been learning diligently in their learning classes. The boys were offered a voluntary-final-test, with questions that included all they learned throughout the month. 114 boys voluntarily took the test, most of whom passed with high scores. The boys will be rewarded accordingly.

Looking forward to another amazing Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s camp, as we sadly start bidding farewell to our first month campers, departing this Wednesday iyh.

Bog war was highlighted by the two plays enjoyed yesterday. All the performances were entertaining “Toichendik” and enjoyable for all the three teams. Campers are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner later today iyh.

Following the bog war excitement, the section C bochurim were rewarded for their continued ongoing Hachlatos in the Hatomim project. Prepared for them by their very own devoted staff, the boys enjoyed a full array of ice creams and toppings, Ice coffees, pastries, a candy bar and more. Another amazing event – giving the boys great positive reinforcement to continue with their amazing work.