Last night section C bochurim that worked hard on their Hatomim were rewarded with a special sushi event. Campers were seen rolling and spreading and slicing their very own sushi!

For our early morning runaways, bunk Yud tes and chof gimmel went across the lake for tubing and breakfast, and bunk Yud went to La belle for biking! A great outing for all!

 Below is a list of the Talmud Hashuvua for our learning classes in sections A, B and B+. Lots of nachas!

1 Mendel Fine 

2 Michoel Duboff 

3 Levi Caraton 

4 Shaya Bukiet 

5 Moshe Holtzberg 

6 Levi Bleich 

7 Moshe drew 

8 Levi Greenberg

9 Mendel Peles 

10 Mendel Volovic 

11 Yisroel Minkowitz 

12 Ari Rskin 

13 Dovber Vilenkin 

14 Shneur Zalman laufer 

15 Mordechai Kozliner 

16 Yehudah Rapoport

17 Yossi Fisher 

19 Yaakov Marcus 

20 Menachem Beitch 

21 Moshe Newman 

22 Moshe Mellul 

23 Moshe Groner 

24 Shimon Friedman 

25 Mendel Mintz 

26 Shmuly Baron 

27 Yaakov Moshe Friedman 


Looking forward to another great Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s camp.

Good Shabbos!