After a very filling pizza dinner followed by eggs and ashes campers headed to the shul for the traditional “Kamtsa and Bar Kamtza” performance, followed by “eicha”.

After “chatzos”, when most campers had already broken their fasts, sports were arranged to help them pass the day. They even had an “in-house-E” with the famous Comedian/ventriloquist, Chuck Field, who entertained the campers. Last night, campers were served a delicious lasagna dinner with cake, soup, corn and salad; a bit earlier, so that they did not have to wait for the late hour of the fast. Following the breaking of the fast, under a clear starry sky, a beautiful “Kiddush-levana” took place up the hill, and campers returned to their bunks to sort their laundry in preparation for a big laundry day today.

Today, after chatzos, trips will IYH resume! We will do our best to keep up with the calling day schedule, however, if your son is on a trip, the calling day will be cancelled for today. We would like to ask parents to please limit the emails to 3 emails a week per camper (includes all your family sending to that camper). We greatly appreciate your cooperation as we struggle to keep up with the thousands of emails coming in and being distributed.