Mazel Tov to Yossi Rubashkin upon his Hanochas tefilin celebrated here in camp with his father and friends. Lots of Chaddishe Nachas to the entire Rubashkin family!  

Campers had a great trip day yesterday – all return excited to share the excitement of their day.

Section A, were in Laval – Dark-Zone playing some great laser tag!  Section B (grade 5) went paintball shooting at a great new location. And section B+ (grade 6) were at another paintball location. BH all the trips turned out to be amazing and the spirit last night at supper was incredible.

In the meantime, section C had our lovely grounds to themselves and enjoyed the lakefront and sports field. Last night Section C enjoyed a lavish chicken barbecue in the baseball field, beautifully prepared for them by their devoted staff!

We will do our best to make up for missed calls yesterday, but cannot guarantee! Thanks for understanding!