Our hard working staff were once again treated to an incredible steak-evening-of-appreciation prepared for them by our kitchen and head staff! A special head-staff comedy show was enjoyed by all, as they relaxed and enjoyed their time together! 

 Under a sunny sky we enjoyed a great day in camp of learning, sports and lots of water activities. Tu B’av was greeted with a lively dance night for our campers; and a Farbrengen, with Rabbi M. Wenger from Montreal, for our staff. Section C had a special sushi making event. Campers enjoyed creating, and then tasting their very own home made sushi! 

 This morning campers woke up to a bit of confusion, as lineup was led by campers taking the role of the staff!  “Topsy-turvy” was introduced by campers collecting signatures yesterday, and got themselves voted into their positions of choice!  Always a fun day in camp!   

 Looking forward to a very special Shabbos Nachamu here in camp.

 See you all on Sunday IY”H!