Welcome to summer 2018. Please check in with us daily for an update of some the excitement here in camp.

Things took off to a great start BH with campers enjoying their new bunks, classes, and lots of friends. Parents have all received an email with the bunk lists and numbers. Feel free to send your son an email through our site (up to 4 a week) using your son’s bunk number. You can also contact his counselor or teacher by email. Emails are distributed daily. Although the sections in camp are by grade, each section has an additional name.  Grades 3-4 are section A, Grade 5 is section B, Grade 6 is section B+ and grade 7 is our well known section C!

We welcome our Masmidim that joined us yesterday from Yeshiva in Toronto; along with their Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Wagner. These bochurim are an amazing example to all of us!

Although we were only one day into camp, Section C already enjoyed an amazing trip to Asoutee trampoline park followed by a pizza dinner in the Cavendish mall food court in Montreal.