Another beautiful sunny day in Gan Yisroel bh! And the runaways continue. Early this morning bunk Ches was seen at our lake front leaving for their runaway across the lake. Campers were treated to a cook-out breakfast and an exhilarating tube ride.

This past Shabbos, many bunks worked really hard to win Shabbos competition and it was a really close race. And the winners of Shabbos competitions for the first Shabbos of camp are: bunks Tes, Yud Beis and Chof Alef. All three bunks are heading out of camp for a special go-karting trip.

CGI welcomes Rabbi S. Avtzon and family to the CGI family. Rabbi Avtzon will serve as Mashpiah to our staff and campers throughout the summer season. Lots of Hatzlacha!