We are happy to distribute your emails daily, however we really need them sorted by bunk. Please be sure your email includes the correct bunk number (included on the bunk list email sent to all parents). Please understand, if the bunk number is not correct we cannot guarantee proper delivery. Thanks so much.

Good Shabbos.


Things took off fast to a great start BH!

Campers are settled in their bunks and classes; and got to know the CGI grounds and friends really well.  After a day of activities, our campers and staff were treated to our first in-house-entertainment (better known as in-house-E) as we were sat captured by the amazing work of the professional Hypnotist.

In the meantime Section C took no time to head out for their first trip of the summer to “ Isaute -bouncing”  followed by a delicious pizza dinner in the well-known Cavendish mall food court. Campers returned to camp after an amazing outing in high spirits!

When all was still and campers were enjoying some much needed sleep, our staff gathered for a candid professional talk by Rabbi Ringo from Montreal. We are grateful to Rabbi Ringo for his annual visits to camp, in helping us learn how to keep our campers safe in the camp environment.

Calling days will IYH be starting today, Friday June 30th. Please visit our website to determine which day to expect a call from your son. CGI appreciates the cooperation of all parents with our calling schedule. We understand that each parent would like to speak to his son daily or at least before Shabbos or at least the first week. For the benefit of your son and the camp schedule we greatly appreciate your cooperation and not calling or emailing camp – asking for an exception to this schedule! We understand how anxious parents can get and thank you in advance for waiting for the calling day!

Looking forward to an amazing first Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s camp. Have a wonderful Shabbos!

BH all buses arrived safely in camp. After being welcomed to camp by the head staff and assigned to their bunks, campers are enjoying a delicious pizza lunch, while getting to know their new bunkmates and counselors. The spirit is great!

Parents will be sent, by email, the bunk and class lists at the end of the of day; including counselors and teachers .  Once you have your son’s bunk number, feel free to send him an email through our website.