The day took off to a great start, with almost all campers showing up for early morning cocoa club; to enjoy some hot cocoa and wafers – along with the best early morning learning! After a great day of lake front activities and sports, campers of all sections of camp- joined in the shul for our first in house-E of the season. The ventriloquist had everyone at the edge of their seats trying to figure out where it was all coming from! A great time was enjoyed by all!

Grade 6 better known as section B+ had their very intense sports drafts last night- and are all revved up for some great sports leagues.

Have a wonderful Shabbos!


Under a cloudy sky and in between short rain showers, campers enjoyed a great day of sports and learning classes.  Section C returned from a great Trampolining trip followed by a delicious pizza outing!
CGI is celebrating the first Hanochas Tefillin of the season. Mazel tov to Yitzi Vidal from Toronto on the occasion of his Hanochas tefillin celebrated here in camp with his family and friends.

Campers were up bright and early, well rested, after a quick night activity and early night’s sleep. Many of our campers travelled from distances, and some encountered flight delays and complications. We are happy to report that despite the many flight issues, everyone has made it to camp bh!

The buses that pulled in today, were to take our very special Section C campers, on the first trip of the season. The bochurim were excited to load the buses and are enjoying a great outing including lunch, off grounds.

The entire staff was treated to a special training event – given by Rabbi Duboy. CGI wants to thank Rabbi Duboy, for closely relating to the staff and sharing his knowledge and experience with them all, and for taking the trip all the way from NY.

Please check your inbox, as the bunk and class lists are going out shortly by email iyh. Once you have the bunk number, feel free to email your son through the website, using the bunk number.

Best regards!

Buses from NY, Montreal, and the airport, unloaded – with excited campers running down the hill to start another amazing season. Campers headed to the shul to meet their counselors and bunk mates, and then settled in their new home for the summer! After a delicious grill cheese lunch, sports were enjoyed by all! Stay tuned for pictures of day #1!