On Erev Shabbos our lucky, hardworking winners of last week’s Shabbos competition were rewarded with a Go-Karting trip. The traditional Friday staff shifts to La Minerve has resumed!

Bedside inspection proved that our campers are great cleaners, as all the bunks sparkled in preparation for shabbos! The Shabbos davenings had a special chayos throughout Shabbos as well as all the Seudos. Shabbos afternoon campers had learning classes, Mishnayos bal Peh and special activities. Grades 3-5 played board games and grade 6 had an engaging Farbrengen with Rabbi S. B. Cohen as part of the Bachuchik Mivtzah, and a highly sought out Q&A session.

Shmaryonkee had the whole camp rolling from laughter, followed by a special maariv, as the Fierce Shabbos Competiton was coming to its end.

CGI Congratulates bunk Gimmel, Yud Beis and Yud Ches for their hard work throughout Shabbos – as the shabbos competition winners. They will be rewarded later this week iyh.

As a pre- fast, section C (and bar mitzvah boys in grade 6) and staff were treated to a delicious pizza, pasta, fries and salad dinner.

Wishing everyone an easy fast!