Much to everyone’s surprise and excitement, Bog war is here- better known as “Hakhel war”! Campers have been busy studying their quotas of Mishnayos bal peh, learning songs and of course enjoying the great performance presented by all three teams.  Following the theme of Shnas Hakhel, the team names are “Hakhel Es Ha’am- Achdus”, “Leman’an Yilmedu-Torah” & “Veshamru La’asos-Mitzvos”. We wish all 3 teams much hatzlacha!

Alternating between kayaking hiking and taking a ride on our very own pontoon boat, the entire section C enjoyed a day travelling to and from the town of Lac Dessert. Aside for enjoying the trip there and back, the campers played mini golf and enjoyed a great scavenger hunt. Campers rushed back to join the rest of camp – watching the great plays of bog war.