Bog war is here! The spirit and excitement are tangible!

Although the Rambam brings the two aspects of Moshiach as “Chezkas Moshiach” and “Moshiach Vadai”, this bog war takes on the second one.

Taking the angle of “Moshiach Vadai” the toichen of all three teams’ are intertwined and necessary to accomplish the goal of “Moshiach Vadai”.

The three names are:
Yikabeits (Gather all Yidden to Eretz Yisroel)
Yisakein (repairing the world preparing for Moshiach)
Yivneh (Build the Beis Hamikdosh)

Campers of all three teams are enjoying the spirit, long line ups, special davenings, speeches, comedy and of course meaningful plays.

Last night’s play, displayed with true to life stages and backdrops, took us to Iran. Back when Rabbi JJ Hecht was instructed by the Rebbe to bring out thousands of children from Iran. The story was depicted with intensity, clarity and humor. Hearing the Rebbe’s voice on the loud speaker during the play brought the reality home. A great, true, miraculous story – left all campers with a lot to think about as they headed to sleep.

Bog war continues throughout the day today!

Mazel tov to Mendel Plotkin from Greensboro North Carolina, and Naftali Blotner From Mesa Arizona, celebrating their Hanochas tefillin here in camp today. Lots of Nachas to both families.