Sunday turned out to be a day with nonstop entertainment! As staff prepared for the grand outdoor play, campers enjoyed a great day of activities and water sports.  After learning classes all sections of camp filed into the shul filling al the bleachers for an amazing Hypnosis show by “Buzz” the entertainer. With silence in the room they watched as the volunteers were slowly relaxed and entertained the crowd with their unknown talents. Following the show, a delicious dinner of burgers and potatoes was enjoyed, and then everyone headed out side for the outdoor play.

Under a starry sky, campers enjoyed the staff and head staff illustrate the incredible story of Reb Mendel Futerfas unfold in front of them. The long entertaining production took campers back to the prisons of the KBG in communist Russia, and eventually to freedom. Campers headed to their bunks reviewing and discussing the events of the incredible day behind them!