Every parent would have liked to be a fly on the wall watching his son last night! Wow what an event the grand sing turned out to be! The shul was set up as a Chabad house and Beis hamikdash, with each team dressed up to suit that theme. Team Ahava was dressed up as Chabad house visitors, and Team Yirah were Kohanim. The lively, grand sing had every camper literally jumping with excitement as they enjoyed the Songs, comedy, nigunum, lessons, farbrengen, lchaim and Hachlotas shared by the head staff and the staff of both teams. Rabbi B. Mockin shared words of inspiration connected to the themes of both teams.  Throughout the evening campers were given burgers, snacks and drinks to keep them going. A great shout out to our amazing waiters and waiter counselor for all the arrangements, and of course to our kitchen staff.  The climax of color war proved to be a highlight for all!

Section C returned late last night, just as the grand sing was coming to an end. The boys had an overwhelming trip to Montreal. A packed two days was arranged for them, including: bowling, jet boating, ice skating, pizza pita, laser tag,  indoor go-karting, overnight hotel stay including a lavish breakfast,   Cruise lunch, and restaurant dinner. The trip was an absolute blast, and the campers were ecstatic  when they returned to camp bh.

This morning all campers are being treated to a late revile as we prepare for our last shabbos of the summer IY”H. Looking forward to a special Shabbos.

Have a good Shabbos.