All sections of camp returned to camp late last night after amazing grand trips.

Section C spent two days in Montreal with many exciting stops, to Jet boating, lunch on boat, bowling, go karting, and ice skating; meals at restaurants and overnight accommodations in the newly renovated Ramada hotel! As the boys were heard saying this trip was the grand trip of a lifetime!  This morning, section C is enjoying some reversed rolls with a day of “topsy turvy” day!

The rest of camp enjoyed a great day in six-flags-La- Ronde amusement park.

Looking forward to our last Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s camp.

Reminders for bus arrival   (as were sent to all parents by email)

Montreal bus: Arriving to the front of Yeshiva on Monday evening August 13 at approximately 9:00 pm-luggage coming on bus together with the campers.

NY bus Arrives to the corner of President and Kingston on Tuesday August 14 approximately 8:00 am – luggage arriving a bit earlier and will be unloaded and watched by our staff.

Car pickups should be on Monday, August 13 between 5:30 and 6:30 pm iyh.

Flights all on Tuesday August 14!

Good Shabbos