Another amazing day on campgrounds, under a sunny sky- with lots of sports, water activities and fun.

Online camper emails and canteen deposits are in full force bh!

For the benefit of those that can use some assistance please use the following step by step instructions:

Sending an email to a camper:
Visit our website:

Select “Email” tab on homepage

Select “Email camper”

Be sure to specify your son’s bunk number as per the email received earlier this week, and section. (Grades 4, 5,6 – Sections A-B, Grade 7- Section C)

Send email (please limit to 2-3 a week – and avoid sending pictures).

Adding to camper’s canteen account:
Log into your online account:

View details

Registration Summary / Add people session or options

Select Canteen option and pay using a card (Be mindful of the currency)


CGI wants to thank Rabbi S.B. Cohen – Mashpiah in Montreal- For joining us for camp. Staff were inspired by an incredible farbrengen last night and look forward to more over shabbos iyh.