Last night we were all entertained with another amazing in house E-  with Jared the Contortionist! All sections of camp packed our main shul to enjoy breathtaking stunts. He amazed us as he squeezed himself through a tennis racket and walked on his hands while folded in half. Campers returned to their bunks wondering how he did it all!

We look forward to greeting all our visitors in camp on Sunday for our first visiting day of the season. Be sure to ask your son to show you our new sports fields. It is a nice walk, but worth the trek! BH campers and staff are really enjoying our latest addition to camp.

Visiting day begins at 1:00 pm city time; with our pre-lunch line up. Parents are welcome to come watch line up. Campers are then dismissed to the dining room for a quick lunch and then enjoy the day with their visitors. Campers without visitors will be treated to time-on-the-lake, and in the pool iyh. Visiting day ends at 6:00 pm, with learning classes starting at 6:30 pm. We really appreciate the cooperation of all our visitors.

Looking forward to another special Shabbos here in CGI. Good Shabbos!