Campers returned to camp after an amazing trip to the waterpark, following the overnight; happy and tried. They were given time to catch up on some much needed sleep, and then had a regular day with activities on the lake and in the fields.

Section C continued with their bunk-war ending it last night with the highlight- the amazing grand sing!

Today, bunk chof were treated to a runaway including breakfast and biking in La belle!

Congratulations to all our Shabbos competition winners: Shabbos Parsha Devorim were bunks Beis, Ches and Chof Gimmel. Parshas Va’eschanan: bunks Chof, Alef, Tes and Yud Beis. All winners are off to go-karting.  

This afternoon the entire section C is on their way out of camp to enjoy the waterpark all for themselves.

Please note the trips that are coming and going, and have them in mind, if your son misses his calling day! Much appreciated!