Grade 5, known as section B, had an incredible trip to paint ball shooting! Campers and staff returned to camp last night very excited to report the amazing trip that they enjoyed! For most of them, it was their first experience at paint ball shooting and they expressed their appreciation for this amazing trip.

Section C was quite involved in their bunk war for the past two days. Every camper was involved in his team, contributing in the best way he can. There were songs to write, plays to prepare and perform, costumes to make and lots more. The two day war ended last night with a very lively grand sing. The section C zal was beautifully decorated, and every camper, from all three was in costume. The Chayos, warmth and Achdus, were felt throughout the evening. A beautiful grand sing. Campers are being treated to a later revile this morning to help catch up with some much needed sleep. Section C has another big day ahead today!

Late last night, when our campers were asleep, the staff were surprised by the festive barbecue prepared for them by the head staff. The shul was beautifully decorated, with a great campy theme. Staff were treated to a four course steak dinner, as our appreciation was shared with all our hard working staff. After being served, entertained and fed the staff broke out in dance, which lasted late into the night. Great event!