Thanks to all of those that made the long trip up to camp for visiting day. Under a sunny sky, with a pleasant breeze, the weather could not have been better. Campers really enjoyed showing their families our amazing camp grounds and especially our new playing fields. At 6:30 pm, campers hurried to learning classes, happy to continue with the normal camp schedule.

Last night, when all was still, our section C bochurim were treated to a lavish Shnitzel Wrap event, prepared for them by their devoted staff. A great time was enjoyed by all. In the meantime, several bunks had their own Chassidishe Farbrengens in their bunk houses – with their own counselors – in honor of Yud Beis Tamuz.

Early this morning, bunks Tes and Yud beis were up and around bright and early, for their very special “runaway”. Campers were treated to a picnic breakfast, followed by  biking on the beautifully paved bike trails, in the neighboring city of La Belle.

Today, Monday, after enjoying the first two activities here in camp; campers rushed to their bunks to pack for the one and only overnight of the session!! The excitement is evident! Looking forward to a great overnight followed by a trip bright and early tomorrow morning. Will be sure to keep you posted.