Shabbos Mevorchim Elul- a very special Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s camp. Thanks to a generous sponsor, special Danishes were enjoyed by all that partook in the Shabbos Mevorchim Tehillim!

Sunday turned out to be a great day for activities, with lots of sports and water activity! Bunks were rewarded with tubing rides while others were off to La Belle for a runaway breakfast.

Section C played their playoff games in the well-lit, La Minerve city- baseball field; followed by a picnic dinner in the city center.

Last night, campers and staff were once again entertained by a great in-house entertainer. Hypnotist Ronny worked his magic with the volunteering staff, serving as great entertainment for all.

Mazel tov to Menachem Mendel Loeb from Montreal, upon his Hanochas Tefillin – celebrated here in camp with his family and friend.