Once again our staff were recognized for their incredible work with a first class breakfast! The lox and cream cheese bagels, waffles, pastries, yogurts, omelets assorted cheeses and so much more, were beautifully set up by the head staff!   A great time was had by all.

Campers enjoyed a great day of sports, in perfect summer weather. Every playing field and boat were used to their fullest!

Last night, after a delicious schnitzel dinner, campers headed to the shul for a very special in-house-E. Our entertainer amazed us with his incredible flexibility, fitting his entire body into a tennis racket and many other breathtaking stunts.

Section C campers were rewarded for the “Hatomim” point with a delicious “Laffa-Party” event. The campers were treated as royalty by their hard working staff. As many campers were heard saying, “this tasted better than any restaurant meal”! Campers headed to bed after a great day in great spirit!

Campers were woken a bit earlier than usual this morning, giving them a head start to the amazing day ahead. Buses are loaded and all divisions of camp are off for a grand trip. Have a great day!