While the buses are parked for the nine days, campers are really enjoying all the in house excitement. Of course, fierce competition of learning class kluger and sports leagues are of top priority. To add to the excitement, there are non stop additions joining us in camp. Yesterday’s carnival day took things over the top. The campers took advantage of the booths, jumping slides, obstacle course, steep slide jump, Euro-bunjy, carnival booths,  and more. Today there will a special shechita course – being led by our very own staff that are qualified shochtim. In addtion, a special in house entertainer will be joining us tonight.

Section C had a special gourmet breakfast prepared for them by their staff, including yogurts and granola, omelettes, lox and cream cheese, smoothies and more.  The devoted staff will be having their very own appreciation event this evening. Details to follow.