Sports leagues have taken off to a great start! All teams are giving it their best and working together towards a great win!

In honor of the nine days, a virtual-Beis-Hamikdash activity has come to camp. Between Monday and Tuesday all bunks will have the incredible opportunity to experience a true- to-life walk through the Beis Hamikdash – by wearing the special virtual glasses.

Last night, after two days of building, creating, painting, and expressing incredible talent, the staff put on the annual staff-outdoor-play! Campers of all sections in camp, sat across the kickball field enjoying every minute of the two-hour performance. The story of a young Jewish boy who held onto his Yiddishkeit despite being raised in a non-Jewish palace and having his Yiddishkeit tested, held strong –  until he won the throne of the king.

For all concerned, pictures will be updated shortly IY”H….