Thanks to all the family and friends for braving the border and coming to enjoy visiting day in beautiful Gan Yisroel! Under a bright sunny sky, the choir and acrobats entertained us all, and the canteen was buzzing with excitement. A wonderful day was enjoyed by all BH!

Throughout the day the winners of Shabbos competition (bunks: Gimel, Hey, Yud Daled, Tes Vov, Tes Zayin, Chof Beis and Chof Gimmel) were rewarded with an exhilarating tube ride; while the lakefront was open for campers without visitors.

Sunday Night, a very informative shechita session was presented by Head Counselor Menachem Cunin, to all staff and campers in section C. Throughout the process, a full explanation was given. A great applause was heard when the first goat was declared kosher. The skins will be used for “Klaf”, and the process will be explained as well.

Looking forward to another amazing, sunny day, here in the Rebbe’s camp!