In honor of Yud Beis Tammuz the entire camp enjoyed an “escape from Russia game”. The two best daveners in section C were zoche to learn from a kuntres given by the Rebbe. Camp continued the special spirit of Farbrengens and Hiskashrus with Connection Points. The entire camp gathered in the Shul for an hour with the Rebbe. Together they heard and saw the Rebbe speak about this special day’s significance, and what Mesiras Nefesh may mean today.

Our camp is made from the best staff on earth! Today we expressed our gratitude to our front line heroes with a walking tour of Mont Tremblant, flash mobs (insane Mivtzoim!!!), mountain sliding and a deluxe brunch styled picnic at Rabbi Motchkin’s chabad house.
The staff had the opportunity to relax, renew and revitalise their energies for continued success in their holy work here in camp.

The day concluded with a very engaging night activity. Itzik (our dearest NAD) led the camp in learning some lit dance moves in anticipation for some heavy dancing on tomorrows trip to O-T-T-A-W-A!!!! Section C is off on their own trips today. Details to follow.