Campers have been warned  very clearly about the risks and dangers involved with looking at the eclipse. IYH we will spend most of the day indoors – and when changing locations quickly, we are prepared to avoid the sun iyh. Looking forward to a safe packing day here in camp iyh.

Following packing will be our grand banquet including the award ceremony, camps songs, and lots more. The buses start departing this evening to Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal and NY iyh. The airport buses will iyh be leaving tomorrow, Tuesday throughout the day.

Our last Shabbos was quite memorable! All three Shabbos meals were quite lively, singing niggunim and lot of farewell camp songs.

Last night the hardworking staff had their very own festive banquet. With a delicious menu the staff enjoyed a great program of grammon, songs, lots of good speakers and a warm good bye to one another.

We are CGI are well aware of the eclipse scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks to all the parents that sent us emails of warning.  We will do our best to warn and prepare our campers and staff for this rare occurrence. We are hopeful that everyone in CGI will cooperate and be safe through it all iyh.

Tomorrow, Monday is packing day and banquet day. Of course, there will be no calling day, as campers are quite busy getting ready to depart in the evening following the banquet.

Campers returned last night from their respective trips after an amazing grand trip bh.

Section C had an incredible two day trip to Montreal with many stops along the way;  including restaurants, a hotel overnight stay, bowling, laser tag, jet boating, cruise, indoor race-go-karting, and ice skating. A trip never to be forgotten!

 Sections A, B and B+ had a great time at six-glad-La-Ronde; enjoying the great rides and shows the park has to offer followed by pizza, fries and doughnuts in the park.

This morning we are having a later start as all campers are catching up on some well-deserved sleep, in preparation for our last Shabbos of the season. Looking forward to a very special Shabbos iyh.

Please check your email for confirmation on your son’s return transportation plans. If your plans have changed and you have not notified us, please be sure to send us an email to [email protected] with the details of your change.


Transportation arrival reminders:

Montreal bus – Monday evening August 21, 2017 at 9:00 pm- 6405 Westbury

Buffalo & Toronto buses – early morning Tuesday August 22, 2017 as notified by the organizers.

NY bus – Tuesday August 22, 2017 at 8:00 am. – Corner President & Kingston

Flights – Tuesday August 22, 2018 – times specified on flight forms by parents

Color war came to an end last night with a smashing grand sing.

Towards the end of the evening, they broke out the grand trip for today – to six-flags-La-Ronde amusement-park. Following davening and breakfast the buses are being loaded and ready to head out for a full day of fun in the amazing park iyh!

Section C continues their grand trip to Montreal city as the fun continues bh.

Obviously calling day and email distribution will not happen today, Thursday August 17.

All sections of camp are expected to return to camp late tonight iyh.

Color war continues with both teams “Boker” and “Erev” fiercely competing.  Last night, the plays illustrated the themes behind each team in a spectacular way. Another amazing day ahead as we prepare for the grand sing tonight.

Section C is preparing to leave this morning on the grand-two-day-trip; to enjoy the sites and attractions Montreal city has to enjoy.   Campers are packing up excitedly, for two action packed days off camp grounds. An incredible schedule is prepared for them, including many trips, restaurant meals, and an overnight hotel stay!

World Renowned Singer, Shlomo-Simcha enjoyed his audience more than ever. The concert that shook the shul last night was absolutely incredible! The staff outdid themselves at setting up the shul, with the lighting, balloon and stage arrangements, smoke machine and a great set of bleachers to enable each campers and staff member to feel part of the live concert. Shlomo Simcha sang, Fitche Benshimon played, and campers and staff danced, sang and enjoyed the Achdus felt in the room throughout the night! A concert to remember.

Mazel Tov to Shimon Friedman upon his Hanochas Tefillin celebrated in camp yesterday with his father and his friend.

Mazel Tov to Leivik Steinmetz upon his bar mitzvah celebrated in camp today together with his family and friends. Lots of Nachas to both families.

Color war is here! Teams were divided and spirit is high! The two teamed competition continues for the next two days with songs, plays, lots of spirit and more. The war  ends tomorrow night with the climax of the grand sing!

Chof Av was  celebrated in camp with a staff Farbrengen with Rabbi Itkin from Montreal and a  special children’s rally in front of our very own 770 building!

Shabbos was spectacular with lots of singing, fargrenging and tons of spirit!

On Sunday many classes joined their learning teacher in filling in a letter in the special Sefer-Torah being written in Honor of Rabbi and Mrs. B Mockin. Campers were quite excited to get the close up look at the Torah as it is in its beginning stages.

Thursday was an action packed day here in CGI!

Section C had a late start as they recuperated from a smashing bunk war. They spent the rest of the day in an amazing waterpark followed by supper in the park – returning to camp last night.

Section A used our boats as their means of transportation to Lac Dessert for Mini- Golf!

Grade 5 had a series of special games and activities and races followed by a special Pizza night!

Grade 6 enjoyed our new “paint fight game” followed by showers and a delicious supper.

Last night elections were held for campers to be nominated as staff. This morning is “topsy turvy” day. The role of the campers and staff are reversed as campers get to be staff for the day!

Good Shabbos.

Campers returned to camp after an amazing trip to the waterpark, following the overnight; happy and tried. They were given time to catch up on some much needed sleep, and then had a regular day with activities on the lake and in the fields.

Section C continued with their bunk-war ending it last night with the highlight- the amazing grand sing!

Today, bunk chof were treated to a runaway including breakfast and biking in La belle!

Congratulations to all our Shabbos competition winners: Shabbos Parsha Devorim were bunks Beis, Ches and Chof Gimmel. Parshas Va’eschanan: bunks Chof, Alef, Tes and Yud Beis. All winners are off to go-karting.  

This afternoon the entire section C is on their way out of camp to enjoy the waterpark all for themselves.

Please note the trips that are coming and going, and have them in mind, if your son misses his calling day! Much appreciated!

After a delicious lunch of grill cheese and salad, campers rushed to their bunks to pack up for the grand overnight! Buses were loaded and they were off to the Saint Sauveur camp site. Under a clear starry sky, campers surrounded the fire, enjoying hot dogs, with lots of singing, stories and warmth! Early this morning, after breakfast and shacharis, they headed to the local water park to enjoy the pools and slides. An overnight to remember.

Please note that campers were out of camp most of the day yesterday and part of today. Calling days may have been missed due to trips. Thanks for your understanding.

Section C, enjoyed the grounds for themselves, as they were busy with their bunk war. Last night the teams performed their themed-plays. The war continues today and ends tonight with the grand-sing!