Erev Shabbos was once again welcomed with a special, fresh-homemade-jumbo-chocolate-chip-cookie & warm potato kugel for all campers and staff.  A real taste of home for all! The first shabbos of the second month was one of extremely high energy levels!

“Mivtza Tefilaseinu” was relaunched for second month. A curriculum especially curated and published for this summer here in CGI. Each week the campers study one portion of davening, learning the meaning of each word, the history behind the paragraph and the order of its placement in davening. Each week a test is administered, and kids are rewarded for their hard efforts.

Bunk vov, tes and chof gimmel won shabbos competition.

Section C had an epic “Pizza Mivtzah event” as a special Melave Malka for all the bochrim that put int the work. Another amazing event bh!

Mazal Tov to Yossi Deitsch from Ambler PA, on his Hanachas Teffilin this morning. Mazel Tov to Levi Altein from Crown Heights, upon his Bar Mitzvah. Both simchas were  celebrated here in camp with family and friends.

The building has begun- across the kick ball field! Staff is hard at work for the upcoming legendary staff outdoor play. Stay tuned.

Another Sunny, amazing day in the Rebbe’s camp.

Section C enjoyed the great rapids on their white-water rafting trip. Two shifts were arranged to accommodate all the bochurim properly ke”h. They returned to camp – all smiles – and hurried to the dining room to enjoy the last Fleishig- hot dog & fries – Supper before the nine days.

Mrs. Chein Explained the mitzvah of Challah to the entire section a (Grades 3-4) and the boys enjoyed shaping and preparing their very own Challah. Apparently, there is some great talent with or youngest group of boys here.

Sports continued throughout the day, and we prepare for the leagues to begin.

Have a wonderful Shabbos.

The world-famous resort of Mont Tremblant was the destination of the day!  Campers in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 alternated in visiting. Each camper enjoyed the Cabriolet chair lift to enter the resort, followed by the unique exciting “luge” ride. Campers of all ages had an absolute blast!

Last night, when all was still, our hardworking staff was treated to an evening of appreciation. The staff enjoyed the delicious Chinese menu prepared for them by the head staff and valued the time to sit together and relax.

Section C is off early this morning on their full day trip. Details to follow.

The new bunks and classes have adjusted really well. Campers enjoyed an amazing day of sports and water activities. They then headed to their first learning class. After a delicious dinner of chicken wings, roasted potatoes, Cole slaw and cantaloupe, campers were treated to an early lights out. Both remaining campers and new campers,  were in desperate need of a good night’s sleep!

Under a sunny sky, campers are heading out for a special trip today. Details to follow.


We were so sorry to see our first month campers leave, and thrilled to greet our new campers. As campers from NY, Montreal, Toronto and the airport joined their new friends in the shul, the head counsellors were introduced with the start of our new session.  Loud cheering was heard as the bunks and counsellors were announced. The incoming campers quickly settled into their new bunks and headed to the first lunch of the session.

Campers are enjoying a full day of activities, water sports,  and learning classes. Off to a great start BH!

Parents, please look out for the email tomorrow, Wednesday July 27, indicating your son’s bunk and class list – including staff. Please hold off on sending emails till you have your son’s new bunk number.

Looking forward to another amazing session iy”h!

After a day filled with sports championships, Kluger championships, packing, Mishnayus bal peh store, and so much more; all campers enjoyed our special  “mini banquet” shnitzel lunch. Excitement filled the air, as the winners of the month were announced.  The best camper of each bunk and class, as well as winners of bunk competition and Kluger competition were all rewarded accordingly.

Sadly, we said good-by to the campers leaving on the Montreal bus.

We are grateful for the amazing month we all enjoyed here in the Rebbe’s camp and  look forward to greeting all our new campers tomorrow morning, with the start of second session iyh.


At Erev shabbos learning classes, campers were treated to the weekly warm potato Kugel along with jumbo Chocolate Chip cookies. Shabbos was off to a great start, with farbrengens, niggunim, and lots of Mishnayus Bal Peh! The winners of Shabbos Competition were: Bunks Beis, Zayin and Yud Tes- rewarded with a special pizza activity here in camp.

Mazel Tov to Mendel Okunov from NY upon his Bar Mitzvah celebrated here with family and friends. Mazel tov to Mendel Muller from Montreal and Meir Namdar from NY upon their Hanochas Tefillin, celebrated in camp today.

Six- flags-La-Ronde-amusement-park was enjoyed by campers and staff of all ages! The rides, shows, and entire park were permeated with the CGI spirit throughout the day! Campers met mid day for Mincha, Freshly delivered Danishes; and at the end of the day a Pizza  dinner, and snacks. The buses pulled into camp, returning very happy boys – to head to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Friday morning, everyone was treated to a late revile, followed by a action packed Friday; of learning classes and sports. Staff are actively preparing for the last Shabbos of first session, as we prepare to bid farewell to our first month campers. Special song sheets are being prepared, to be enjoyed throughout Shabbos. Looking forward to an amazing Shabbos Mevorchim Av.

Good Shabbos!

With great spirit, all teams enjoyed the two theme plays yesterday, with a delicious Hot dog / Fries dinner in between. Campers headed to bed in anticipation of the amazing day ahead. The early revile was greeted with enthusiasm – as campers jumped out of bed –  excited for the amazing day ahead – the grand trip!!! After Davening and a quick breakfast the buses were loaded and off! Campers are enjoyed the grand trip to La Ronde!

Mazel tov to Mendel Levertov upon his Bar Mitzvah celebrated today in camp with his father and friends.

Bog was is here in full force. Teams “Sheish Shanim” and “Hakhel” presented their scavengers today.

During supper, one camper from each team was called up to explain the theme of his team – in great detail. Following, campers of the other teams were questioned to be sure they all understand the opposing teams’ themes.

Team “Shemita” had the first play – enjoyed by all teams!  Campers went to sleep on a high,  excited for the day to come.

CGI Wishes a big Mazel Tov to the bochurim that celebrated here in camp with their family and friends. Levi Raskin from Crown Heights, Yehuda Goldman from Philadelphia celebrated their Bar Mitzvahs;  and Levi Bush from Petaluma California celebrated his Hanochas Tefillin.