Yesterday, in honor of hike day, campers of grade 6 alternated between boating and being taken by a larger boat to our local town of Lac-Dessert.  The campers enjoyed the town and the Mini Golf.  Water bottles were distributed as campers enjoyed their time out of camp. The staff were sure to make every moment memorable! The rest of camp enjoyed a great day of sports here in camp. Sports seems to be a great highlight here as they play hard to keep up with the leagues and have a great time.

Section C were headed out for an amazing trip. The division was divided between rope-course and paint-ball-shooting as they did last week. This gives every camper a chance to enjoy both trips  – without the delays of waiting on lines. They returned to camp last night in time for a delayed dinner. A great time was enjoyed by all bh.

Matissyahu Gershovitz celebrated his bar mitzvah here in camp yesterday. Mazel Tov to the entire family, lots of Nachas!

This morning bunks Zayin, Yud Alef, and Yud Daled were rewarded for winning Shabbos competition last shabbos. They were all taken on a trip Go-Karting for some great fun!

We look forward to another  amazing Shabbos in Camp IYH, and will be happy to share our winners once again.

Have a good Shabbos.