After an amazing Shabbos including a special Mishnayos Bal Peh war, staff and section C were treated to a special Melave Malka in preparation for the fast. In addition to the great food the atmosphere was great!

During the fast a grand staff baseball game took place in our baseball field with the campers cheering them on. We ended the fast with a delicious dinner of vegetable soup, Lazagna, salad, corn, fresh rolls and of course fresh homemade cake. The younger campers were fed earlier in the evening and were entertained in the shul while the fasting campers and staff enjoyed their delicious supper.

As soon as the energy was back in full swing, campers and staff headed to the basketball court for an intense  all-start game played by campers in sections B and B+ (grades 5 and 6). The audience cheered and players performed. It was hard to remember their age as they impressed the crowd with their amazing sports abilities.  In the meantime there were small games happening around camp including of course our new bubble soccer! Never a dull moment!

Early this morning our winners of Shabbos competition, bunks Ches and Yud-Tes were on the road, to Go-Karting. Congratulations to all the campers in the two bunks for a great Shabbos!