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Shabbos Chazon

Another amazing Shabbos BH! The Shabbos Seudos were lively and full of exciting stories and songs. The new bog war songs were learned and shared, as well as many other niggunim and camp songs, as many campers were enjoying their last shabbos in CGI 2021. Rabbi Yossi Paltiel joined CGI for shabbos and farbrenged with […]

Bog War Ends & Section C Event

Bog war was highlighted by the two plays enjoyed yesterday. All the performances were entertaining “Toichendik” and enjoyable for all the three teams. Campers are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner later today iyh. Following the bog war excitement, the section C bochurim were rewarded for their continued ongoing Hachlatos in the Hatomim project. […]

Bog War & Team Names & First Play

Bog war is here! The spirit and excitement are tangible! Although the Rambam brings the two aspects of Moshiach as “Chezkas Moshiach” and “Moshiach Vadai”, this bog war takes on the second one. Taking the angle of “Moshiach Vadai” the toichen of all three teams’ are intertwined and necessary to accomplish the goal of “Moshiach […]

Sports & Bike Show & Siyum

After a day of sports and learning, all departments of camp filed into the gym for a bike show in house entertainment. The spirit was great and stunts were amazing! Following the show campers enjoyed a dairy supper of Lazagna, corn and salad. A great day was enjoyed by all. The daily siyumim continue in […]

Small Fire in Camp All safe & Minimal Damage

As we like to keep parents informed, we are letting you know that a small fire just broke out in a small bedroom above the shul. The room belonged to a few staff members. B”H it was caught right away. The fire fighters were here in minutes and were quick to extinguish it. The Cause […]

Siyum in honor of 9 days

Camp enjoyed a great day of sports and on-site activity. With the nine days upon us, trips will wait till next week iyh. Lots of onsite activity and entertainment are planned for the week. All meals are dairy despite the Siyumim taking place. In honor of the nine days a camper in Section C will […]

Amazing Shabbos – Pizza Event – All Star Game – Week 2 video up!

We are grateful for another uplifting and enjoyable Shabbos here in CGI! Both dining rooms were alive and meaningful. Shabbos competition winners are bunks: Hey, Yud Alef, and Tes Vov! CGI wants to thank Rabbi V. Butman for joining us for Shabbos and adding his insights and stories to each department of camp. In addition […]

Staff Trip

After another amazing day – our hardworking staff were treated to a well-deserved break , with a staff trip last night. Campers were at their best behavior – enjoying special activities, with the head staff. Section C was inspired with a special farbrengen with “Lev” and the rest of camp enjoyed special entertainment with an […]

Grade 6 & Section C Mivtzah Events

Our day started out late as campers enjoyed some much-needed sleep after the late return from the water park trip. Everyone was very excited about the amazing trip they had just experienced and lots of discussion continued throughout the day. Following a day of sports and fun, grade 6 campers were treated to a special […]