Section C is heavily involved in bunk war! Campers were building, painting, practicing and preparing for the three grand plays which took place last night. Today, after another day of the war, they are gearing up to the climax with their grand sing tonight iyh.

Yesterday afternoon Section A (grades 3 & 4) left camp before lunch, and headed to the old port of Montreal – for an amazing speed boating trip, followed by a picnic lunch. Section B (grade 5) headed out to a trip of paintball shooting. All sections met at the overnight sight for another amazing (dry) overnight at the camp site. They enjoyed the delicious barbecued hot dogs and roasted marshmallows as they sat around the fire in song!  This morning after shacharis and breakfast sections A and B headed back to camp, while section B+ (grade 6) on site for their turn to play paintball shooting! All campers will be given time for rest and shower before bouncing back to our regular camp schedule.

Mazel tov for the simchas celebrated in camp this week, with lots of family joining the CGI Family. Mazel tov to, Shalom Wolvovsky, Levi Rapoport, Yehuda Rapoport, and Srolik Melamed, upon their Hanochas Tefillin; and Yisroel Drizin, and Levi Blotner upon their bar mitzvahs. Wishing all the families a big mazel tov with lots of nachas!