After a day of sports, activities and learning classes, campers lined up in front of our 770 building for a special Chof Av Rally lead by the learning directors. After hearing stories about Reb Levik and reciting the 12 pesukim, a Minyan for Mincha was held.

Following a delicious chicken dinner, all divisions of camp filled the bleachers in the shul for our annual camp concert. The spirit and excitement were amazing! Shlomo Simcha sang as Fitche Bensimon played, while campers and staff danced, and sang along with Great Spirit.

Following the concert, section C was treated to a special Hatomim event. All campers who’ve accumulated enough points, by following the routine guideline, joined this event.  The zal was fully decorated by the hardworking staff, and the campers enjoyed an amazing program at their special Shnitzel night!