After an incredible Shabbos, campers were preparing to greet their guests on our second visiting day of the season.

Thanks to all the family and guests that made the trip up to our beautiful home here in La Minerve. On a glorious sunny day, families enjoyed meeting the staff, seeing the bunks and grounds, partaking from our delicious canteen, enjoyed our lakefront, and of course the CGI choir and acrobat performance!

Today, Chof Av, section C just experienced a surprising break out for their very own Bunk War. Teams were divided, and the young generals, mashpiyim, captains and lieutenants were introduced.

A rally is scheduled for today in front of our very own 770- in honor of this auspicious day.

We are pleased to share the list of campers chosen as Talmid Hashavua for last week’s learning classes. Lots of Nachas!

א’     Shlome Zwiebel

ב’     Shmuel Pinson

ג’     Yosef Plotkin

ד’     Chaim Blokh

ה’     Mordechai Yarmush

ו’      Eliezer Wenger

ז’      Mendel Baitelman

ח’    Meir Zarchi

ט’     Zalman Lein

י’      Meir Sosover

י”א   Mendel Lightstone

י”ב   Eli Habibian

י”ג    Dovid Wolosow

י”ד   Yossi Torenheim

ט”ו   Menachem Mendel Hetsrony

ט”ז  Shalom Goldstein

י”ז    Binyamin Gavin

י”ח   Dov Weitman

י”ט   Yosef Geisinsky

כ’     Motti Brook

כ”א  Moshe Lavner

כ”ג   Yoni Edelkopf

כ”ד  Zalmi Gopin

כ”ה  Shneur Schanowitz

כ”ו   Yaakov Cohen

כ”ז   Levi Medina


After an amazing day of sports, learning classes, and water activities, all departments were seated in the shul for another in house E. The Hypnotist had us all at the edge of our seats wondering “how did he do that”??

Preparations are underway for another amazing Shabbos here in the Rebbe’s camp.

Looking forward to greeting families and friends on this upcoming Sunday August 6 2:00-6:00 pm, for our second visiting day. Please see the email sent out for important details.

Have a great Shabbos!

Campers returned from the trips excited and exhausted- ready to be served a late dinner of chicken wings and couscous, ABC soup, salad, and the sweetest cantaloupe!

Grade 5 had an amazing trip to Ottawa! They got to watch the “changing of the guards”, tour the mint, and many other stops along the way. Grade 4 went to Funtropolis- an indoor park in Laval Quebec. A great time was enjoyed by all!

Section C were treated to their very own Chinese event prepared for them by their hard work staff; royally set up for them on the staff sunporch. The boys enjoyed a variety of Chinese food including “general Tao chicken”, vegetable rice, eggrolls etc. Another amazing event.

The goats are back! Campers are enjoying watching and caring for our two visiting goats: very popular amongst our campers!

The trips continue along with all the onsite activity and excitement!

Grade 6 went trampolining yesterday and grade 7 went white water rafting in shifts. They all returned to join for supper of meatballs and spaghetti along with salad and sweet cantaloupe.

Last night, campers enjoyed a special Tu-B’av edition of dance night- along with live music and lots of spirit, in celebration of this very special day!

Early this morning, while all was still, grade 5 campers were woken for their full day trip to Ottawa! The excitement was real as they boarded the buses quickly – to make it in time for the changing of the guards and a lot more!

Grade 4 is getting ready to depart on their very own trip- details to follow.

Mazel tov to Sholom Smetana from Montreal and Shlomo Pape from NY, upon their Hanochas Tefillin celebrated here in camp with their family and friends! CGI wishes lots of Nachas to both families!

Last night was the grand outdoor staff play. It started off with an introduction to the story with a helicopter landing in camp before night fall, followed by a long performance lasting into the night. The backdrops, stages, lighting and sound system all contributed to the excitement and professionalism of the performance, enjoyed by every department of camp.

Over the nine days there were no outing or trips. Today, Tuesday our first set up buses pulled into camp since the nine days. Grades 6 and 7 are enjoying their outings, while grades 4 and 5 have the grounds and lake front to enjoy. Details to follow.

Shabbos Nachamu was celebrated to its fullest! The Chayos, and spirit throughout shabbos was amazing, along with the Mishnayon bal Peh, Seder Niggunim and of course Shmaryunki!


Sunday brought a sunny brisk day – filled with great sports and activity.


Excitement is in the air, as all campers and staff await the grand-staff-outdoor-play, tonight. The stage is being set with lots of building and drawing in anticipation for what will be a great performance.


We are pleased to share the names of our Talmidim that were chosen as Talmid Hashavua for last week.

א’   Avraham Potash

ב’    Shua Konikov

ג’    Levi Landa

ד’    Ezzy Goldstein

ה’   Dovid Friedman

ו’     Motty Okonov

ז’     Moishy Shur

ח’   Motti Sosover

ט’   Shmuel Simpson

י’     Elye Fischer

י”א  Michael Samama

י”ב  Yaakov Marmulszteyn

י”ג  Yehoshua Gellman

י”ד  Dovid Segal

ט”ו Menachem Mendel Shusterman

ט”ז Menachem Blasberg

י”ז   Shimon Geisinsky

י”ח  Shmuli Pelman

י”ט Meir Nussbaum

כ’    Yosef Landa

כ”א Levi Schmukler

כ”ב Yosef Yitzchak Bensimon

כ”ג Yitzy Vidal

כ”ד Avraham Fischer

כ”ה Yehoshua Piekarski

כ”ו  Yanky Lipskier

כ”ז  Levi Kahan

It was a meaningful and smooth Tisha b’av in camp! Throughout the fast we had campers’ skits, Eicha and of course meals for the campers.

The Reptizoo staff and animals once again visited camp, to help entertain our campers over the fast; introducing them to the most interesting reptiles they’ve ever seen. The two-shift presentation was enjoyed by all campers.

After the fast, everybody enjoyed an amazing dinner of Banana chocolate chip cake, onion soup, lazagna, corn on the cob and of course salad; prepared for us by our very hard-working kitchen staff and our wonderful Chef Menachem Hayes!  Following supper, a beautiful moon shone for a meaningful Kiddush Lavana.

Plans are underway for an amazing Shabbos Nachamu; our first Shabbos of the second session- welcoming our new campers to the most incredible experience ever.


Have a Good Shabbos!

Now that our new campers have settled in, the second month has taken off with a bang, with nonstop activity.  Last night all departments of the camp gathered on top of the hill for an amazing bike show! The stunts were incredible, and the spirit was soring!

Following a delicious dinner of fish fillet, veggies and buns, with fries and potato borekas, the sports drafts took place in different locations. Sports have taken off with great intensity and is being enjoyed by all the leagues!

We are pleased to share the names of the boys that were chosen as the Talmid Hashavua for the last week of the first session, as well as Talmid Hachodesh! Lots of Nachas from these hardworking boys!


Talmid Hashavuah Parshas Devarim
א’ Tzvi Itkin
ב’ Nosson Deitsch
ג’ Yisroel Bluming
ד’ Boruch Weber
ה’ Shneur Minsky
ו’ Levi Hurwitz
ז’ Greisman, Moshe
ח’ Shneur Kotlarsky
ט’ Yosef Brook
י’ Yisroel Heber
י”א Zalmen Alevsky
י”ב Shmuel Kaplan
י”ג Dovi Marrus
י”ד Shmuel Mochkin
ט”ו Nachum Benjaminson
ט”ז Eliezer Tzfasman
י”ז Zalman Weinbaum
י”ח Moshe Friedman
י”ט Nosson Wilhelm
כ’ Elimelech Polichenco
כ”א Avrohom Levin
כ”ב Mendel Kivman
כ”ג Mottele Levin
כ”ד Avrohom Mathless
כ”ה Zalman Lieberman
כ”ו Mendel Matusof

Talmid Hachodesh

א’ Levi Okunov
ב’ Nachshon Golani
ג’ Mendel Stillerman
ד’ Eliyahu Friedman
ה’ Moshe Golowinski
ו’ Nochum Simpson
ז’ Shlomo Bush
ח’ Zev Borenstein
ט’ Isaac Slavin
י’ Yekusiel Rivkin
י”א Hayshke Dubrowsky
י”ב Nissen Tsap
י”ג Levi Cohen
י”ד Ari Goldman
ט”ו Yaakov Caytak
ט”ז Shneur Zalmen Cohen
י”ז Sholom Feldman
י”ח Levi Deitsch
י”ט Asher Sossonko
כ’ Yitzchak Wolvovsky
כ”א Yehuda Blokh
כ”ב Yosef Lipskier
כ”ג Mottele Levin
כ”ד Shneur Zalman Levin
כ”ה Mendel Lebovic
כ”ו Mendel Matusof

First session came to an end with a lively award ceremony, followed by a mini banquet with lots of song and cheer!

It was hard to say goodbye to the departing campers as they boarded the buses to the airport, Montreal and NY. Simultaneously, the buses rolled in from Toronto, Montreal, NY and the airport as campers headed to the shul to meet their new bunkmates and counselors. The new campers quickly settled into their new bunkhouses and then enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by sports.

The bunk and class lists will IYH be sent to all parents by email tomorrow afternoon. Please hold off on the sending emails till you get your son’s new bunk number. It is important that you use the bunk number when sending him his emails.

Looking forward to another amazing month with our campers and staff! Off to a great start BH!