Overnight trip & Bunk War Ends

Campers returned to camp after an amazing trip to the waterpark, following the overnight; happy and tried. They were given time to catch up on some much needed sleep, and then had a regular day with activities on the lake and in the fields.

Section C continued with their bunk-war ending it last night with the highlight- the amazing grand sing!

Today, bunk chof were treated to a runaway including breakfast and biking in La belle!

Congratulations to all our Shabbos competition winners: Shabbos Parsha Devorim were bunks Beis, Ches and Chof Gimmel. Parshas Va’eschanan: bunks Chof, Alef, Tes and Yud Beis. All winners are off to go-karting.  

This afternoon the entire section C is on their way out of camp to enjoy the waterpark all for themselves.

Please note the trips that are coming and going, and have them in mind, if your son misses his calling day! Much appreciated!

Overnights & Bunk war

After a delicious lunch of grill cheese and salad, campers rushed to their bunks to pack up for the grand overnight! Buses were loaded and they were off to the Saint Sauveur camp site. Under a clear starry sky, campers surrounded the fire, enjoying hot dogs, with lots of singing, stories and warmth! Early this morning, after breakfast and shacharis, they headed to the local water park to enjoy the pools and slides. An overnight to remember.

Please note that campers were out of camp most of the day yesterday and part of today. Calling days may have been missed due to trips. Thanks for your understanding.

Section C, enjoyed the grounds for themselves, as they were busy with their bunk war. Last night the teams performed their themed-plays. The war continues today and ends tonight with the grand-sing!

Staff play & Section C bunk war

Our Masmidim from Toronto Yeshiva ended their program on Sunday, and they departed to prepare for the next year in Yeshiva. CGI would like to thank them joining us this summer, and for sharing the tremendous amount of learning with us. The atmosphere in camp was very positively affected by their presence here in camp. We wish them all lots of continued Hatzlacha! Thank you Rabbi Wagner for the tremendous work you do!

Under a clear blue sky, the staff outdid themselves with this year’s outdoor-grand-staff play! The props, stages and settings were extraordinary. It took us back in time to Rome; as an intense search for the Choshen brought lots of action, humor, family reunited, and great acting. Campers enjoyed watching the staff and head staff display incredible talent.

Following the play, section C headed to the section C Zal, greeted by a break out for BUNK WAR! The section is divided into teams with campers leading their teams as generals. They have staff to advise them, but the campers have a chance to step up to the plate and use their own qualities to contribute to their team! Calling days continue, but campers may find themselves a bit too busy this week, as bunk war continues till Wednesday night. 

Thanks for visiting!

Thanks to all the family and friends that took the long trip to visit camp; and join us for another wonderful visiting day!

Following the beautiful CGI choir, we celebrated the beginning of the writing of a Sefer Torah in honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Berel Mockin- celebrating our 60th year of camp. Rabbi Mockin greeted the crowd and continued with the reading of the Rebbe’s letter! Quebec Shluchim, guests and family were honored to help start the writing of the Torah.  To be a part of this special Sefer-Torah, please scroll up on our webpage.

As soon as visiting day ended and just as the last guest left, our staff began roping off the kickball field in preparation for the grand outdoor staff play. The props, stages and backdrops have been created by the talented staff and campers are looking forward to an amazing outdoor performance tonight IYH. The spirit and excitement are felt by staff and campers alike, in all sections of camp! Truly a highlight of the summer.

Visiting day today!

We look forward to greeting family and friends for visiting day today, Sunday, August 6!

Please note the schedule and parking plan.

Parking: For your safety and to avoid parking tickets or possible towing, parking has been arranged in the village of La Minerve. Our camp drivers will be shuttling parents back and forth all day. Police will be on the road all day, so please be careful.

Visiting hours: 1:00-6:00 pm
6:30 pm campers start learning classes; we greatly appreciate parents respecting this schedule.

1:00 line up (parents are welcome to watch)
1:30 lunch
2:30 choir presentation
3:30 beginning sefer Torah-celebrating 60 years of CGI; in honor of Rabbi & Mrs. Berel Mockin
6:00 visiting day ends

CGI welcomes our new Mikvah boat to our shores. Feel free to check out our latest addition.
Mazel tov to the bochurim and families celebrating Hanochas tefillin here in camp this morning.

Betzalel Lebovic from Crown Heights

Mendel Bryski from Thousand Oaks, California

Moishe Newman from Kingston, Pennsylvania

Shmully Paris from New York, NY

Yaakov Sousan from Montreal

Motty Yarmak From Crown Heights

Shalom Zwiebel from Kingston, Pennsylvania







Grade trips continue & in-house excursions

Another beautiful, sunny, warm day was enjoyed, as grade trips continued. Grade 5 had an amazing time in Ottawa and returned last evening with lots to report.

Section A had a great time rock climbing and then enjoyed some delicious pizza in the Cavendish mall food court.

In the meantime grade 6 campers alternated between driving and boating to and from our neighboring town of Lac-Desert. They were our first group to enjoy the mini golf park in the area. Last night they had an in- camp-excursion-evening, with sports and a great barbecue up in our outer fields.

Section C had a lakefront “Seashore Barbecue” beautifully built and prepared by their hardworking staff last night. An exciting program and menu were enjoyed by all. This morning, campers in section C are seen walking around with radios and white shirts, as they are staff for the day with a fun filled “topsy-turvy” day,  a chance to switch positions for the day! 

Bunks Chof Gimmel and Ches are off this morning for a go-karting trip as a reward for winning shabbos competition last Shabbos.

Please notice your son’s schedule and understand that he may have missed his calling day due to all the excitement this week. We will do our best to make up for missed call.  Otherwise please wait to hear more details from him on this Sunday, visiting iy”h.

Have a good Shabbos! 

Grade Trips

The grade trips are upon us! This is a special time for each group of boys the same age to enjoy an outing with just others in their own grade. Most grades include many bunks keh and the boys really enjoy the special time to get to know others, from the other bunks, really well. The grade trips have proven to be a very significant outing for our campers.

It started yesterday with the older sections in camp. Grade 6 better known as section B+ loaded the buses heading to Montreal to Bounce in Laval’s “Isaute”. They returned a bit late last night after a really great outing and headed to the dining room for a late dinner. Section C (grade 7) went white water rafting, followed by a burger-dinner in the Cavendish mall food court, in Montreal. The rapids were great yesterday and the trip was bh a total success.

Early this morning, grade 5, known as section B, left for Ottawa, for a packed day of site seeing and activity in the countries capital; including a visit to the “Mint”, changing of the Guards and Extreme bouncing! Section A (grades 3 and 4) are leaving later today for Rock Climbing in Horizon-Montreal.

Please take note of the missing calling times. We do our best to make up for missed calling days, but can only do our best IYH!

Last night, our hardworking staff were once again treated to a special event, a “shawarma evening”! The staff prepared a lavish meal, beautifully displayed for the staff to relax and enjoy! A great time to enjoy and recharge.

Tisha Ba’v & Limit 3 emails per camper per week please

After a very filling pizza dinner followed by eggs and ashes campers headed to the shul for the traditional “Kamtsa and Bar Kamtza” performance, followed by “eicha”.

After “chatzos”, when most campers had already broken their fasts, sports were arranged to help them pass the day. They even had an “in-house-E” with the famous Comedian/ventriloquist, Chuck Field, who entertained the campers. Last night, campers were served a delicious lasagna dinner with cake, soup, corn and salad; a bit earlier, so that they did not have to wait for the late hour of the fast. Following the breaking of the fast, under a clear starry sky, a beautiful “Kiddush-levana” took place up the hill, and campers returned to their bunks to sort their laundry in preparation for a big laundry day today.

Today, after chatzos, trips will IYH resume! We will do our best to keep up with the calling day schedule, however, if your son is on a trip, the calling day will be cancelled for today. We would like to ask parents to please limit the emails to 3 emails a week per camper (includes all your family sending to that camper). We greatly appreciate your cooperation as we struggle to keep up with the thousands of emails coming in and being distributed.

In-House-Archery & Masmidim play

After an incredible Shabbos, with farbrengens, nigunim, mishnayus Bal Peh and of course lively meals, we headed into another packed week with an exciting start. Sunday afternoon every bunk had a chance to enjoy the special activity spread out on the lawn in front of the lake. The original bow-and- arrow game, was enjoyed by campers of all ages. Of course the intensity increased with age, as teams played hard to win, dressed in helmets and face guards, running and hiding between inflatable rocks and mountains. A great in house activity as we stay on camp grounds during the nine days.

Last night, our chashuvah masmdiim treated us to the grand masmidim play! Campers excitedly packed the shul bleachers to enjoy the entertainment, prepared, and acted by our Toronto Masmidim. Much thanks for the hard work that went into preparing the great production!

Mazel Tov to Moshe Eli Soffer upon his Hanochas Tefillin celebrated here in camp with family and friends. Lots of Nachas to the entire Soffer family!

Inflatables and Reptile show!

Yesterday was quite an exciting day here in CGI! Klohda productions pulled into camp with several thrilling inflatable games for the campers to jump, slide, and climb on. In addition to that, we had the amazing “Reptizoo” staff visit us along with many reptiles to entertain us, explain the animals and give us a chance to feel and know the animals. Campers alternated between the jumping, animal show and great sports, so that every camper had the chance to do all three activities. What a day!

We would like to welcome our new, most exciting room in camp; the new and restocked game room; located in the basement of the newly expanded condo. The game room has become a very popular late- night activity destination.

Looking forward to the first Shabbos of second trip along with all our new campers. Have a wonderful Shabbos!