After a great day of activities, all sections of camp headed to the buses for a grand trip to the water park! The entire park was rented out by CGI Montreal! After a delicious pizza dinner, the campers entered the indoor park and enjoyed the amazing slides, pools and waves the park had to offer. A great time was enjoyed by campers and staff alike. Heading to the buses, everyone was treated to fresh chocolate doughnuts before the restful drive back to camp. Returning to camp late last night, the happy, tired campers headed to bed for much needed sleep!  Everyone is being treated to a late revile this morning, so that they are rested and fresh for another great day here in CGI.

CGI greatly appreciates the cooperation of parents refraining from visiting and dropping off packages on site. We are working together to give our campers the real overnight experience.

Sports sports and more sports! Campers are thoroughly enjoying the amazing sports fields and indoor gym that our grounds have to offer.

Shabbos competition winners had a great trip to tubing and boating in a nearby lake.  Be sure to view the updated pictures for some real fun!

Last night – after a delicious shawarma dinner – all sections of camp filed into the gym for an amazing acrobat show. The staff added incredible chayos to an incredible show. Lots of audience interaction was enjoyed, as well as many campers volunteering to be a part of the action.

What a beautiful Shabbos bh! All the meals in both dining rooms were uplifting! Shabbos Mevorchim was certainly felt here in CGI. Section C, had a special Tehillim incentive – which really got the bochurim involved. There was a lavish-walk- through-buffet for all campers that joined- and it really did the trick!

After a really amazing Shabbos choosing the Shabbos Competition winners was tough. Congratulations to our winners: Bunks Gimmel, Yud and Chof Beis! The bunks will be rewarded accordingly iyh.

If your son needed more canteen money, you could now add to your son’s canteen account online. Please log into your registration account and add the money there.


The weather really cooperated with the section C outing to paintball shooting yesterday. A great time was enjoyed by all!

Our hardworking, super devoted staff were treated to a great staff appreciation evening last night -prepared for them by the head staff. The décor in the main dining room was magnificent, with a great menu and program. With unity and cheer the bochurim enjoyed the pulled beef menu, fries, pastries, and the rest, displayed in a classy buffet.

Week 1 video has been added to our site.  View the video to experience the incredible week your son has just enjoyed bh!

CGI welcomes the AC to our two shuls. Powered by generators the systems were welcomed to camp with great cheer and appreciation.

Looking forward to another amazing Shabbos in the Rebbe’s  camp.

Good Shabbos

Another great day of sports and water activities were enjoyed here in CGI. Campers are expressing great appreciation for the amazing playing fields our new location has to offer.

Following an early pizza lunch, grade 6 campers lined up in the field in anticipation for their exclusive grade trip. The campers had an absolute blast in the trampoline park. Please continue checking our online albums, as pictures of all grade trips are the way.

CGI welcomes our new phones which were now installed and are being used for campers to make their calls home. BH we have plenty of phones and will offer each camper a chance to call home every 7-10 days iyh. There is no specific calling schedule as all parents carry cell phones. No need to wait at the phone. Please note: calls will be coming from an 845 number.

Mazel Tov to Yehudah Kalman Schmukler upon his Bar Mitzvah, celebrated here in camp with his parents and friends. Lots of Chassidishe Nachas to the Schmukler family.

Section C staff were hard at work last night preparing a festive event for the campers. The campers were greeted by a beautiful “Kentucky-fried-chicken-event” as a reward for their hard work in the “Mivtzah program”. The program was a smashing success and the menu of fried chicken, fries, doughnuts and all the trimmings, took it over the top.

Grades 5 and Section C both had their first Kluger competition yesterday.  “Kluger” is essentially our leagues for learning class. It is an intense competition of teams – working to make it to the championship in learning. Kluger gives every camper a chance to shine as a result of his efforts during learning class.

Have a great day!

The sports fields have been buzzing with activity as leagues took off to a great start. The fierce competitions spread throughout every playing field and gym as campers enjoyed great sports.

Section A were off on their grade trip. The campers headed to “High Exposure” where they enjoyed rock climbing and ninja warrior. A great time was enjoyed by all. They returned in time to join the rest of camp for a delicious chicken dinner.

Section C enjoyed a special evening event which included a great a barbecue.

Please note, the camp address and phone number are on our site, under “contacts”. Please refer to it when needed. Thanks 

And the exciting moment of laundry has arrived! All campers dropped off their laundry last night before heading off to bed.

This week is the week of “grade trips”-each grade is treated to a trip for their grade alone.

Yesterday Grade 5 were out on the first “grade trip” of the season. The campers enjoyed a really amazing trip of “bouncing” –  they enjoyed all the trampolines and climbing structures. Campers returned all smiles heading straight to the dining room to join the camp for a delicious dinner of burgers and fries.

Many bunks were treated to late nights last night. The entire grade 6 headed to our inhouse huge fire pit for a “grade bon-fire “along with grilled hot dogs, story and song.

Mazel tov to Yosef Chaim Smetana from Montreal upon his Hanachas tefillin, Shimmi Oirechman from Tallahassee Florida upon his Bar Mitzah, and Shmuel Reinhold form Postville Iowa upon his bar mitzah- all celebrated here in camp with their friends and parents. Wishing lots of Chassidish nachas to all the families.

Following an amazing Shabbos, choosing winners for Shabbos  competition was not easy. Congratulations to bunks Beis, Yud Daled and Yud Tes on being the Shabbos competition winners – of the first Shabbos of camp!

The fast came and went b”h – with sports and regular meals for most of our campers. To end the fast  everyone was treated to a delicious lasagna dinner along with chocolate cupcakes and chocolate milk.

After breaking their fast, section C had the official, intense drafts – gearing up for  some really good sports leagues!

When all was still and campers were asleep our hardworking staff was treated to a lavish salad bar with all the trimmings. A great time was enjoyed by all with great warmth and unity.

We would like to notify the parents that we have experienced some challenges with the water and electricity in our new site. Coming from a state of the art Canadian location, we are working with the infrastructure of our temporary home, and are making it as comfortable as possible for our campers and staff. The issue affected grades 6 and 7 and is now up and running. This was not ignored and it was worked on 24/7 by countless professionals, plumbers, electricians and maintenance staff.  We are also in the process of adding AC to both our shuls, as this heat wave passes through. We hope to have it up and running shortly iyh. Our staff has been beyond amazing at pulling us through this challenge and we are grateful that it is now behind us bh!

Regards from an epic Shabbos here in CGI!

The spirit was soring! Friday night’s meal turned out to be a warm, spirited,  farbrengen lead by learning director Menachem Wagner, alternating between stories of shluchim, niggunim and song, campers were enjoying every moment of the well planned program.  Following a beautiful Shabbos morning davening, campers ran to the dining room for a delicious Seudahs Shabbos.  One could hear a pin drop as head counselor Elchonon Perlstein shared stories interrupted by related songs and Nigunim joined by all. Campers were rewarded with pictures of the Rebbe, and a special camp shirt, for their incredible involvement throughout Shabbos.   The afternoon program included rest period, group games,  and learning class farbrengens. Shalash Seudos was highlighted by the famous “Shmaryonki” as Shabbos came to an end, with some good comedy for all to enjoy.

Motzei shabbos, a special pre fast pizza/pasta meal are being prepared in preparation for an easy fast!

Wishing all a Gut Voch!

Campers have adjusted really well to our new site and in their bunks and classes bh! Another beautiful, sunny, cool day was enjoyed by all; with lots of sports, boating, and learning throughout the day.

In the evening, following a favorite hot dog and French fry dinner, all sections of camp gathered in the shul for our first In-House-Entertainment. The laughter and cheering could be heard throughout the camp grounds as the hypnotist had everyone at the edge of his seat.

We apologize for the technical difficulties experienced on our site; with “albums” and “emailing campers” in and out of service. We appreciate all the emails from many anxious parents. Our programmer was at it from the start – to figure out a way to work around the unexpected traffic to the site.   BH it should be up and running for all. We appreciate your patience, and hope it continues to cooperate with the traffic.

Looking forward to our first exciting Shabbos in the Rebbe’s camp!

Good Shabbos.